Looks from the Roswana, 2015

Historically speaking, 2015 was the year of the Fedora Mousse Rattail. As fashioned by none other than Roswana, of course. Some of the other looks that Roswana has introduced since then include:

The fluctuating earlobe thermometer. This handy dandy little item not only is a very sexy accessory, but helps keep you from building up a fever when traversing the tse tse fly country around Rwanda and Patterson, New Jersey. probably the foxiest thing about these earlobe thermos is their cost — you can’t afford them no matter how rich you are. You can only be awarded a pair by the Nobel Prize Committee in Stockholm.

One other fashion item just has to be mentioned: the minced yarn extension. This hairpiece, made famous by Roswana in the Netflix film “Intended Malignancy”, where she plays a police woman secretly addicted to mustard plasters, is normally worn during working hours at the office or when on patrol in sleazy neighborhoods where the streets are always gleaming wet at night. But then again, nobody said it was rocket science.