California State Cybersecurity Committee Tackles Cybersecurity Issues

There is no denying the growing threat that sophisticated cybercrime poses in an increasingly digital world. The US FBI has reported a stunning 300% increase in cybercrimes since COVID-19’s genesis last year, so better cybersecurity measures are essential than ever these days. As such, individuals, businesses, states, and countries at large are bolstering their understanding of and approach to cybersecurity to remain secure. For instance, California state senator David Min launched a senate select committee on cybersecurity and identity theft prevention to learn more about cyber threats and possibly translate this knowledge into policy.

The Need For Cyber Security In Today’s World

The variants and sophistication of cyber threats in the modern world make better cybersecurity essential to everyone’s security. For government agencies and businesses, data breaches are ever-present cyber threats that can damage reputation and finances. A successful data breach can also destroy many lives since the information exposed can be banking information or residential addresses. Famous victims of damaging data breaches in today’s world include Yahoo, Facebook, Equifax, Marriott, and Capital One.

Furthermore, companies must guard against phishing attacks to remain operational, as this was the most common form of cybercrime last year. Phishing attacks are email-borne and designed to trick recipients into disclosing sensitive information or installing malware by clicking on a link in the message. A successful phishing attack can have devastating and irreparable consequences for your business, including disrupted business operations, intellectual property loss, and financial losses. Additionally, Trojan threats continue plaguing American companies due to how well-disguised these attacks are. Trojans target your system by posing as harmless apps or software, letting out the malicious code once you allow them into your system. 

Ransomware attacks are also rampant these days and remain a disruptive threat in the cybersecurity world, affecting everything from government agencies to financial institutions. Ransomware is a variant of malware that encrypts data on the target system to make it inaccessible until a ransom is paid. Ransomware attacks can range from low-level nuisances to severe incidents like the locking down of Atlanta city’s municipal government data in 2018. Man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks, attacks on IoT devices, Corporate Account Takeovers, and zero-day exploits are the many types of cyber threats modern businesses and institutions are exposed to. Consequently, it makes sense to invest in your IT security to secure your organization from cyber-attacks as a business leader. For instance, if you are a California-based business, you can invest in managed IT services in San Diego to bolster your company’s cyber defenses and ensure that it is up-to-par with the latest security standards.

How Great Cybersecurity Is Essential Nowadays

Better cybersecurity measures can protect your business or organization from harm in many ways. Below are some of the benefits of cybersecurity that make it extremely important in the modern world.

  • It protects your data and networks from unauthorized access.
  • It improves business continuity management and information security.
  • Secure your personal information.
  • Prevents financial losses
  • Boosts productivity
  • Stops your business website from going down
  • It protects your consumers’ data.
  • It increases client confidence in your business.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, cyber threats remain widespread in the modern world and can cause devastating damage to companies and organizations. Therefore, there is a constant need to understand cybersecurity dangers better and adopt extraordinary cybersecurity measures to ensure privacy and protection.