A Love for Teaching and Games Turns into Writing Children’s Books

Fairy Knights: Tricks and Trees written by Dames Handsome and illustrated by Warwick Wilson is a fantasy children’s book aimed at children nine through twelve. Tricks and Trees is book four of this series and we join Ching Goo, Oma Bell and Hamster Rick again as they go on more adventures battling monsters and meet fun characters. 

Author Dames Handsome Had an Early Love for Teaching and Writing

Dames Handsome is originally from Wisconsin, United States and found his love for teaching and writing early on when he was still in college and promised himself that he’d find a way to pursue what he loved. While working at Dell computers, he was offered a one year contract at a private school in South Korea. Dames left his corporate job in America moving permanently to Korea and didn’t look back! Though some of us may not be so eager to leave the comforts of home so easily, this was an opportunity that was the beginning of Dame’s writing career. 

Blending Games and Children’s Stories

When Dames first started teaching in Korea, he mostly taught kindergarten, then a variety of grades throughout elementary. During this time, his love of stories, teaching and role-playing games came together. Dames and his wife created a role-playing game for their son which evolved into the Fairy Knights children’s books series! 

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