5 Tips for Designing a User-Friendly Website

The user experience is gaining momentum and interest as more and more companies recognize its importance. A user-friendly website may make the difference between a user who tries your product or service just once, then leaves without looking back, and a user who becomes a loyal customer for years to come. If you want that second user, here are five tips for designing an efficient user interface:

1. Be consistent in your design.

One of the biggest challenges of user interface design is striking the right balance between consistency and creativity. While it’s important to have a fresh look so your site doesn’t look outdated, it’s also important not to overwhelm users with inconsistent content structures and styles. They will leave in search of a simpler site instead.

2. Make it mobile-friendly.

Today, many people access the internet via mobile devices. It’s a good idea to design your user interface so that it displays well on a mobile screen. If you have a user experience that is only compatible with certain browsers, you’ll have an unhappy user who won’t be able to properly view your site.

3. Provide appropriate feedback when possible.

What’s the state of the user? Is he or she logged in? What page of content is currently being displayed? All of these things are important for the user to understand when browsing through your user experience. Design elements that indicate this information can prevent user confusion and needless clicking around. Both annoyances that result in users leaving your website.

4. Allow for easy navigation.

The user should be able to navigate your user experience easily, without being forced to spend excessive time searching for information. Overly complicated navigation tends to have the opposite effect on users; it irritates them and results in increased user bounce rates. Make sure your user interface has a clear path through user content so that visitors can get where they want quickly, without hassle.

5. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

User interface design is unique because there are no universal rules that apply across all platforms of internet usage. You have to take into account the platform you’re designing for (desktop computer, mobile phone) as well as demographic factors of your user base (age group, geographical location). An excellent user experience takes user time to build, so don’t be afraid to experiment with elements until you settle on something that works well.

By following these five user-friendly website design tips, web designers can ensure that their site will provide a user-friendly experience for visitors. For more user-friendly website design tips and other graphic design services, call Wyndetryst Graphic Design Studio today at 267-392-1665 or visit