5 Things You Should Never Put in Storage

Storing items can be an easy way to keep your home or office clutter-free and organized. But there are certain things that you should never put in storage, as they can cause serious damage over time. From dust and pests to climate control issues, it’s important to know what not to store away.

Here is a list of five things you should never put in storage – no matter how tempting it might be! Read on for more information about why each item is so dangerous when placed in deep storage, and the potential consequences of doing so.

1. Electronics:

Electronic items are sensitive and prone to damage, especially if they’re not stored properly. Putting these items in storage can cause dust and dirt to accumulate over time, which can damage the delicate circuits inside of them. Furthermore, electronics need a specific kind of climate-controlled environment to function optimally – something that is not always available in standard storage units.

2. Books:

Books are often the most treasured of items, but they should never be placed in deep storage. This is because books are often made with acidic paper, which can break down over time if exposed to excessive heat and humidity. Furthermore, dust and pests can damage books as well, so it’s best to keep them at home if you want to preserve their integrity. Book collections are best kept at home, away from the problems caused in storing books away from home.

3. Clothing:

Clothing is also a bad idea when it comes to storage units, especially if they are made of delicate fabrics like silk or cashmere. As with books, clothing is susceptible to dust, pests, and humidity which can cause it to deteriorate over time. Furthermore, clothing can also attract moths and other bugs, making them potentially dangerous items when stored in tight quarters.

If the clothing is an heirloom, this is a special reason to not store it.

4. Artwork:

Artwork is a delicate item, and it’s important to take extra care when storing it away. This is due to the fact that artwork can be damaged by exposure to the elements, such as dust, humidity and extreme temperatures. In addition, artwork can also be susceptible to pests like moths and silverfish, so it’s best to avoid storing artwork in deep storage units.

5. Photographs:

Photos can fade and deteriorate over time if exposed to a storage unit’s environment, making them irreplaceable memories. Photos are also susceptible to pests like moths and silverfish, so it’s important to store them in air-tight containers that prevent the entry of pests or dust. The best way to store photographs is by placing them in photo albums or frames with protective glass, which can help prolong their longevity for many years.

Certain items should never be placed in deep storage units. Electronics, books, clothing, artwork, and photographs can all deteriorate or become damaged if stored away for an extended period. It’s best to keep these items at home where they will remain safe from humidity, pests, and other environmental hazards. With the right care and maintenance tips, your treasured possessions can stay safe and sound for many years to come!