5 Features of PowerPoint You Didn’t Know About

PowerPoint is a presentation tool. But if that is all for you, you should read on and know more about PowerPoint besides the presentations. PowerPoint is a versatile program that does more than you can imagine. In fact, it has lots of features that you may have never known existed. This article covers five of the most impressive yet little-known PowerPoint features.

Embedding a functioning Excel worksheet into PowerPoint

Yes, you can successfully insert an active excel worksheet in a PowerPoint slide. The good news is you do not have to sweat it out. The trick is relatively straightforward. All you need to do is click on the Insert menu, then choose any object. The next step is to click the “Create from File” section or the Excel Worksheet found under “Create New.” Once you select the Worksheet file, it is added directly to your presentation.

The Eyedropper

Sometimes you feel like your PowerPoint presentation should include vibrant colors. Accordingly, this can be overwhelming when you want to match the existing text colors. Well, not anymore. You can copy color from one part of the text and match anywhere you want through the Eyedropper. All you need to do is double click on the color you want, and then click the available color options to select the Eyedropper to copy-paste the color.

Source photos to PowerPoint directly using Pickit

An excellent image emphasizes your presentation. And now you can source different photos directly to PowerPoint using Pickit. If you have an image you want to add to your slides, just download it, search from the folders on your computer, and add it directly. Pickit is a PowerPoint add-in that helps make the work more manageable. The good news is that the tool has copyright clearance, meaning you can use any image you find.

Design ideas

Design ideas come to life in 2016. This PowerPoint feature enables you to add a design automation capability to your PowerPoint presentations. With this feature, you will not have to worry about your presentation looking too basic. It is capable of automatically pushing your slides further in terms of design. This happens through design layout suggestions for your slides. All you need is to have the design idea on your PowerPoint and let it do the job. Lastly, you need to confirm the suggestion you like, and there you have it; an excellent presentation designer.

Add and animate 3D images

If you didn’t know, you can add a 3D model into your PowerPoint presentation and bring it to life through animation capabilities. This way, you can show every angle of the image. Additionally, you have the option of choosing from online sources or using your own models.

There you have it; the five features you never knew existed in PowerPoint. Now you can give up the idea that PowerPoint is a simple presentation tool. And the list is endless. These five features should be enough to show you that you can do much more with PowerPoint.