5 Things to Do If You Break Down on the Freeway

If you are having trouble with your car then it can be something that is incredibly frustrating. Not only that, but car problems can lead to safety issues, especially if you are on board and were to break down somewhere like the freeway. In order to make sure that you can keep yourself and your passengers safe, as well as other car drivers on the road, here are five of the things that you should do, if you break down on the freeway.

  1. Slow down and come off the road 

Where possible, getting off the main drag of the freeway is advisable, in order to get help and get the car repaired or moved. One of the first things to do is to put your hazard lights on, so your fellow drivers know that you’re in trouble. If you’re able to still move the car, then drive to the right-hand side of the road, to a flat surface, and as far as you can get away from any moving traffic. 

  1. Call for help

Once in a safe location at the side of the road, the next thing to do is to call for help, whether that be a towing company or a roadside mechanic, so that you can be assisted. It could be to get your car moving again or to simply get it home. If you don’t know who to call, then your insurance company could help, or you could look up a local towing company on your phone, and get in touch. If there has been an incident involving another car or someone is injured, then call 911 for emergency help.

  1. Remain in your vehicle

The advice generally remains that if you’re at the side of the freeway, then you should avoid getting out of your car where possible. It can be tempting to get out and fix the car, but if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, then it is advised to call and wait for someone to come to help. If you do need to get out of the car, then check that it is safe to do so, and get out of the doors on the right-hand side of the car. 

  1. Make yourself visible

In order to get your help to know where you are, and to make your car visible on a busy freeway, you should make sure that your car is as visible as possible. When you do this, you reduce the risk of someone crashing into you. If you’re able to get out of your car safely, then do so. Pop the hood, put up a reflective triangle if you have, and leave your hazard lights on. 

  1. Alert family and friends

It is advised to let family or friends know where you are and what has happened. Once you have done this, they might be in a position to help once you and the vehicle are back. Remain calm and wait for your help to arrive, making sure that you are as far from the freeway as possible, to keep everyone safe.