5 Challenging & Rewarding Career Paths to Consider

We are certainly living in an exciting age, as we move through digital development and are making good progress with machine learning, which leads to new and innovative business sectors. School leavers in 2021 are looking to enter into a diverse range of industries and here are a few popular careers that young people are targeting.

  1. Artificial Intelligence – Machine learning has come a very long way since the turn of the century and AI is merging with many sectors; healthcare, aviation, manufacturing and finance, to name but a few. The ideal candidate would be a person who is interested in coding and computer science in general, with a strong understanding of advanced maths.
  2. White Glove Logistics – If you like working on equipment and you are technically minded, why not train to be a white glove technician? Complex medical equipment, ATMs and vending machines are all transported, installed and configured by the white glove technician. Building data centres and replacing old IT hardware are also the domain of white glove logistics and as a technician, you would have to attend workshops and seminars that will enable you to work with specific equipment. If you are looking for a school for your young child, take a look at the great learning environment at, a leading international school in Bangkok, Thailand.
  3. Robotics – The latest generation of factory robots require design, installation and, of course, management. This sector is booming and will always be in demand, which will revolutionise manufacturing and you could play a role in the development of advanced robotics that will soon replace factory workers. Prosthetic limbs use cutting edge robotic technology and you could be involved in the design of a prosthetic leg that changes disabled people’s lives for the better. Here is an interesting article that examines the role of teaching empathy in the classroom.
  4. Personal Trainer – The current global trend for fitness and well-being is likely to continue and if you are fit and healthy and enjoy working out, you could sit the exams that permit you to work either as a freelance personal trainer or an instructor at a fitness studio. The courses teach you how to evaluate a person’s physical fitness level and how to help the client set fitness goals and objectives, while also being there to motivate and support your client as they go through their workout routine. There’s a lot of job satisfaction in helping people to achieve their fitness goals and there are many perks that include a high level of fitness and working the hours that suit you.
  5. Healthcare – This is a broad sector that covers many fields; doctors, surgeons, nurses, psychiatrists, physiotherapists and technicians are all required in hospitals across the world. People will always need medical treatment and with cutting-edge technology that is merging with AI to bring us a new dimension in healthcare and you could be a part of this.

If you are still at school, then you have time to think about what direction you should take and whatever it is that you are interested in, that is the direction to pursue. Study hard and do well in exams and your hard work will pay dividends one day when you take up an exciting career.