Sparians on Form

Have you ever known a Sparian to OFF form? Certainly not! This hardy breed of sheepdog has been keeping farmers and their flocks company in the French Alps for the past four hundred years.

Count D’Luny et Tuny was the first aristocrat to recognize the Sparian breed. In his own words, translated from medieval French:

“The dog, she is large with the heavy coat of most black hair. Sometimes there is the white around the muzzle and sometimes around the tail, but that does not matter a hill of dung to anyone who know what’s what and who’s who and when the cuckoo will steal his next clutch. The dog commands attention when the sheep are in distress, but otherwise is so quiet and still that they are often mistaken for small boulders covered in black moss. Is this not so, parbleu!”

So if you are looking for a good dog, or a small boulder covered in black moss, we recommend the Sparian. What have you got to lose?