4 Ways to Use Touchscreen Technology to Efficiently Run a Gym

If you own a gym or fitness facility and want to take your business to the next level, touchscreen technology might be the way to go. This revolutionary tech can provide your members with an exciting and personalized guest experience. Here are four ways to use touchscreen technology to efficiently run a gym.

1. Equipment That Does More

In the old days, treadmills and gym equipment would display the number of miles you’d traversed and an often inaccurate guess of how many calories you’d burned. Today, equipment is able to tell us so much more. With the ability to connect to user’s smartphones and personal health monitors, the treadmills of today can give users personalized information, such as whether or not they’ve hit their own personal best. This allows users to opt for a cardiovascular workout that is truly suited to their athletic abilities and their performance goals.

2. Member Check-In and Security

While it might be nice to have a pleasant face at member check-in, today’s touchscreen allows users to not just check themselves in but have an extremely personalized experience when they do. For example, at check-in, members can see a quick description of their last workout or any upcoming charges they might be expecting as part of their membership.

Not only is this great for streamlining the check-in process, but it can add an extra layer of security. Many new check-in systems use biometric technology that doesn’t just scan a user’s access card but rather uses fingerprints or facial recognition to ensure they are actually the person they claim to be. In addition to bolstering security measures, this can prevent cases of fraud and people using access cards that don’t belong to them.

3. Virtual Fitness Experiences

With new touchscreen technology, your members won’t have to be physically located inside your business to enjoy what you have to offer them. Members can use their smartphones to access virtual fitness experiences, such as group exercise classes, from the comfort of wherever they happen to be. This acts as an enticing bonus for recruiting new members, as it offers them the perk of being able to get the most out of their membership, even when they’re traveling or unable to make it to the gym in person.

4. Digital Signage and Points of Purchase

If your gym features a gift shop or a juice bar, you can use touchscreen kiosks to enable your guests to make their purchases without ever having to interact with a salesperson. These kiosks can also double as digital signage, displaying upcoming specials and promotions when not actively in use as points of purchase. This is a great way to reduce hiring expenses and market your promotions at the same time.

Technology is changing the way we live and the world of fitness is no exception. As you can see, touchscreen technology can have a huge impact in marketing your gym to new members and providing them with a competitive experience.