What to Do If You Were Prescribed the Wrong Medication

Every year, several people are prescribed the wrong medication. When this happens there can be serious complications to a person’s health and to the doctor who prescribed the medication. There also needs to be an investigation into who is at fault. Was it the doctor or the pharmacist? Locating where the error was made is essential. 

Stop Taking the Medication Immediately

The second you realize the medication you were prescribed is wrong, stop taking the medication immediately. The less you take, the less likely you are to get sick. There was a clear mistake made somewhere, and you are going to need to find where it was made so you can go to the source and correct the medication so you can get back on track.

Contact Your Doctor

Once you have stopped taking the medication, contact your doctor right away. Even if you only speak to a medical assistant, you can have someone in the office look in your file to see if the medicine you are taking was prescribed in error. If it was not, then you can get the office to write you another script so that you can go back to the pharmacy for the right meds. 

Get the Correct Prescription

Return to your doctor’s office to get the proper prescription. When you do this, ask to see the doctor. Having a sit down with your doctor will give you an opportunity to discuss how something like this could have happened, and you can ask your doctor more about your medication and how it works. This will enable you to have all the information you need to then speak to the pharmacist and give them the proper information about your condition. 

Return to the Pharmacy

When you get your correct prescription, go back to the pharmacy and speak to the pharmacist. Alert the pharmacist to the mistake so that they can update their system and review their procedures and protocols. The pharmacist can then look up your file, see where the mistake was made and then get you the proper medication. 

Do You Need Additional Help?

You may have realized your medication was wrong on your own and took the proper steps to correct the error, but what if you didn’t catch it and you became seriously ill from taking the wrong meds? In a situation like this, you may need a drug prescription error expert witness. By getting the help you need you can prepare for legal action against a pharmacy or doctor.

Proper legal services will help you help others from getting ill from being prescribed the wrong medication. An error expert witness will help you gather the information you need and help you prepare that information to present your case in a court of law. The extra help is essential in being able to fully understand your case and what your rights are.

Contact a professional and win your case.