What Key Coverage Should I Look for in Health Insurance?

It’s health insurance enrollment time! Millions of Americans are wondering what health-insurance plan is the best fit for their needs. Here are five key coverage areas to look out for when shopping around:

1. Doctor and Hospital Networks

While you might be thinking this sounds like a pretty basic item, you would be surprised at some health plans that don’t include all of your doctors in their networks, forcing you to go out of network and pay more money. When evaluating health-insurance plans, it’s important to see exactly which doctors will accept the health plan and how far they’ll travel to do so. If you’ve found a doctor or hospital close by that participates in the health plan, but not right next door, consider if the health plans out-of-network coverage might be worth it.

2. Prescriptions

If you need to take prescription meds every day, this one’s for you. Evaluate health plans that cover more of your needs when it comes to prescriptions whether this means having a generics formulary or mail-order pharmacy available. Also pay attention to copays and medication limits.

3. Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment

Although not every health plan includes these types of services, ask yourself how much therapy and psychiatric care would benefit your health and emotional well-being. If your health insurance doesn’t provide coverage for certain mental health services, ask about what you can do in terms of self-help, therapy and medication.

4. Dental Health

Not only is dental health important for a healthy mouth–a bad tooth can mean a trip to the doctor, not to mention your wallet. Many health plans now offer limited or no-cost dental coverage as an added benefit, but this really depends on the type of health plan you choose. If you’re planning on getting braces after high school graduation, don’t forget about orthodontia as well!

5. Preventative Care

When searching for health insurance, look at what preventative services are available before enrollment deadlines pass or if your health plan’s deductibles or copayments apply. Some health plans include routine check-ups and wellness visits without requiring you to pay anything! This preventative health care can make a world of difference when it comes to your health.

Although health insurance plans are different, there are some similarities between them all. Take the time to complete research on key health plan benefits, like what types of healthcare providers accept health plans and how many office visits you may need before health reimbursement begins. The more informed you are about your health insurance coverage options, the better your chances to find out that one health-care plan is truly the best fit for you.

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