What Does the Field of Biomedical Science Cover?

Biomedical science is a widely studied topic and if you would like to learn more about biomedical science and what it involves, you have come to the right place. Biomedical science explores the relationship between science and the human body, and taking a BA in Biomedical science would be the ideal platform for a career as a laboratory researcher, or might lead to further study in a specialised field. Check out EastWest SVC if you are looking for Ocean Optics products in Malaysia.

BA Degree in Biomedical Science

Anyone who is interested in enrolling in JCU’s Bachelor of Science program would be looking at a career that would involve research and development and other careers such as:

  1. Animal Behaviourist
  2. Laboratory Animal Technician
  3. Medical Doctor
  4. Veterinarian
  5. Laboratory Veterinarian
  6. Medical Technologist
  7. Pre-Clinical Trials Technician
  8. Medical Researcher 

The above are just a few of the career options one would have when studying a BA in Biomedical Science, with medical research being just one field that you could pursue, and by visiting a suitable university that offers a combination of online and campus learning, you can decide which is the most suitable for your situation. 

Career Counselling

If you are still at school why not discuss career opportunities with your career counsellor? This will give you some more options that you may not have considered, as the career counsellor would be able to match your interests with specific career choices. 

Degree Program Objectives

A person who wishes to enrol in a BA Biomedical Science Program would have the following study objectives:

  1. To demonstrate theoretical and analytical skills across a range of biomedical science disciplines.
  2. To review, analyse, synthesise and apply specific scientific processes in a broad range of contexts.
  3. To apply recognised tools and methodology of biomedical science to the process of enquiry and discovery.
  4. To effectively communicate scientific information to a wide range of audiences in a clear and concise manner.
  5. To work effectively alone or as a team member and be socially responsible and have a high level of accountability. 

Sourcing the Right University

If you live in Australia and would like to learn more about a BA Program in Biomedical Science, the first step would be to search online for an established university that offers such BA courses, then book an appointment to tour the university, where you can speak with the administration and some of the course professors. Talking to some of the students is also a good idea, as this would give you a valuable insight into the way the students feel about their experience at the university. 

If you have an interest in biology, the sciences and medical health, a BA in Biomedical Science could be the right course that will lead to a rewarding and challenging career. There are quite a few Australian universities that offer such a course and by taking a look at their websites, you can make an informed decision as to which is the best for you. 

Whatever you choose, finding the right university will help you to find the most suitable course for the career that you wish to pursue.