What Do The Top B-Schools Look For In Their MBA Applicants?

Every year thousands of candidates apply for MBA across the globe and the competition is obviously too tough. The selection criteria are generally very rigorous, so only the best ones stand a chance to compete in this race to get into the top B-schools. 

But the best candidates do not mean only the ones with the highest grades in academics. MBA admission consulting experts say that the world’s best MBA colleges look for the perfect balance in the ideal candidates. 

Now, what is this balance all about? 

Let us find out what the top B-schools look for.

Good communication skills, technical skills, and team-leading capability – When you are applying in a top B-school it is expected that you are half ready for the professional out there waiting for you. Today employers look for a versatile employee who can carry the leadership legacy also will contribute to the overall growth of the company. Business schools expect the candidates to have humility, integrity, motivation, technical skills, and of course the team leading capabilities. All this just to ensure a better future for the students. 

The academic ability – As stated earlier, when a candidate applies in a top business school it is expected that the candidate has had a good academic history. The Business schools do not compromise with the quality and standard starting from the quality of education provided, to the quality of students enrolling for the different programs. Now, it is important to maintain your GPA, and your GMAT score will definitely be a deciding factor. Suppose your GPA is not up to the mark, do not panic, admission officers will consider your GMAT score as well as see to it whether you have provided potential evidence to make your application strong or not.

Your goals must be crystal clear – The top business schools would want to know why you are so interested in MBA. They will want to know whether you are prepared for it or not. What changes you can bring in the future is what they will want from you. You must be matured, your expectations must be rational and you must be self-aware to get through the course successfully. Your contribution towards the MBA program will be yet another important factor that will help the admission officers to decide whether you are right for the course or not. To succeed in life you must be a giver, a person who helps anybody in need. As a somewhat self-less person you can put the community, the society, and the MBA program first only then will you be able to learn the important lessons in life that will make you ready for the real world. Believe it or not but top business schools want you to be a complete human being and not just another corporate person. If you want to gain knowledge to start your venture do let the admission officers know that. They must understand how the MBA program is going to enrich your learning process and how you will utilize it in the future.  

Are you adaptable – This is a question you should ask yourself because when applying in a top business school, it is expected that you have the capability to adapt. Business schools also want applications to be authentic. People who have immense power of analysis and ambition to attain great heights in life are likely to make it in the world-class business schools. You can explain how you have dealt with problems and hardships in life to achieve what you have that will show how adaptable and driven you are. You must have the zeal and the resilience to be the change.

Work experience – If you have any previous work experience, good for you. Professional work experience that too in a business setting will fetch you extra mileage because then they will know that you understand how the system works. Do not worry, nobody will expect you to hold an important position or anything of that sort just a few years of professional experience (2 to 3 years at least) will increase your chance to get selected.