What are the types of lawyers?

If you get a law degree your career path is limited only by your interests and imagination. All industries have rules, laws, and regulations that influence them, and companies in any industry always need specific legal advice and representations. Legal practice is not limited to just prosecutors and defense attorneys, and there are a plethora of career paths you can take as a lawyer.


The immigration lawyers deal with all the matters related to immigration laws, they provide assistance for acquiring residency and work permits and other matters with immigration courts. Also, they provide services to foreign companies when registering branches and offices.


This type of lawyer is highly specialized in providing counsel to the members of all branches of the military in legal proceedings that are covered by the Uniformed Code of Military Justice.


Prosecutors, public and private defense attorneys, are dealing with matters of criminal law.


There are numerous traffic laws and probably even more traffic lawyers. Often when you get a ticket or arrested for a traffic violation you need advice from specialized counsel.


Real Estate lawyers provide to their clients service concerning all facets of the real estate. From drafting purchase agreements to representing in matters concerning ownership and usage rights, and also the development of real estate properties.


When a person or a company faces insolvency it is the job of this specialized lawyer to present them the best and easiest course of action. Sometimes bankruptcy proceedings are not in the best interest of their client, and it’s their duty to present them with all of the legal options.


Copyrights, patents, and other forms of intellectual property are related to ownership of the intangibles. These lawyers are often involved in disputes over such rights, but also are advising their clients in the process of acquiring them through registrations and similar procedures.


In cases of breach of the employment contract, these counselors will provide you representation in the court of law. Privacy rights, compensations, benefits, workplace harassment and safety, and many other areas are the scope of their expertise.


These lawyers are most commonly the in-house counsels of the company they are employed with and provide services related to laws governing corporations. Corporate governance, compliance, and more; are their field of expertise.


Tax lawyers are specialized in all things about taxes. While often maligned for working in the best interest of their clients, they are also experts who help their clients to make the mess of their tax forms.

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