The Unique Attraction of Liveaboard Holidays – Scuba Paradise

If you have not heard the term. ‘liveaboard’, it refers to a floating holiday whereby, as the name suggests, you live on a vessel that is designed for leisure activities, specifically scuba diving. While this experience can be compared to a yacht charter in some respects – you have your own private sleeping quarters in a comfortable cabin – and the vessel is fully equipped for diving.

All Levels

Whether you are a veteran scuba diver who wishes to explore the unique marine life around the Phi Phi Islands, or you would like to take the PADI course as a beginner, liveaboard diving courses are readily available. With a total of 4 separate decks (including the stunning sun deck), you and your friends can relax in a tropical paradise, while diving at all the best spots.

The Vessel

The 27m boat is made from Thai teak and is designed specifically for diving excursions that can last up to 7 days, and with a full professional crew, everything is taken care of, leaving you free to enjoy the experience. If you would like to view stunning liveaboards in Phuket, a Google search will take you to a leading provider and you can plan your diving holiday, with the help of the local experts.

All Inclusive

When you book a floating holiday on a liveaboard, the following would be included in the price:

  • Cabin Space
  • PADI Certified Divers and Instructors
  • Hotel Transfers to and from the Vessel
  • Drinking Water & Soft Drinks
  • 3 Main Meals, plus fresh fruit and snacks
  • Free Wi-Fi (when a signal is available)
  • Towels

You can also use the other diving equipment, such as weight belts and night torches, so really you don’t need to bring anything other than your personal possessions.

Online Booking

Once you know your confirmed dates, you can browse the impressive fleet of boats and make your booking with a secure online payment. The tour guide will be waiting for you at your hotel at the agreed time, ready to take you to the boat.

Unique Marine Life

The Andaman Sea is known for the many dolphins and you might be lucky enough to swim with a Whale Shark, which do spend time scouring the tropical reefs. Your skipper will know the waters very well and he can make sure that your diving spots are the best in the region, and whatever your preference, the skipper has quite a few dive spots to choose from.

Thai Cuisine

If you decide to take a liveaboard diving holiday, you can expect to sample some of the best Thai cuisine, prepared by the local resident chef, plus you can enjoy fresh seafood by casting out a few lines. If you don’t like very spicy food, you should inform the chef, as southern Thai food is very spicy as standard.

If you would like to experience scuba diving at its finest, Google the term ‘liveaboard diving in Phuket’ and you will be presented with a list of established tour operators that offer such a service.