The Path 365: How Insights from the Book apply to Daily Life in 2022

The Path 365 is a stunning collection that is thought-provoking and eye-opening. Combining poetry, honest experiences, and inspiring questions, The Path 365 is a beautiful anthology that can be read and enjoyed by everyone. It’s no secret that for the last two years, things have been challenging for all of us in some way due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Whether that takes the form of anxiety, restlessness, or depression (among other things), there are valuable insights in The Path 365 that we can all use and apply to our lives.

Lessons from The Path 365

There are truly so many deep, provocative truths and insights within the pages of The Path 365. Many of the daily messages and directions have an underlying theme of self-love and acting in a way that promotes your well-being before others’. This should never be seen as a selfish act; putting your well-being (read: mental, physical, and emotional health) before that of others will serve to enhance the quality of your life. The saying “You can’t pour from an empty cup” is very relevant here. Another important lesson readers can learn from The Path 365 doesn’t come from the content itself, but rather the way in which the messages are organized and encouraged to be read. At the beginning of the collection, Suzie Newell encourages readers to try out different ways of reading the book, such as one message per day, or one in the morning and one at night. She explains that the messages build upon each other; the daily intentions and goals expand on one another, ultimately creating a stronger message. After reading The Path 365 in its entirety, I felt like I had just had a months-long therapy session; the messages and intentions are extremely thought-provoking and can at times be uncomfortable-the questions are designed to make you dig deep and answer them as truthfully as you can. It’s extremely insightful and reassuring to have your thoughts and feelings validated by literature, and that’s exactly what reading The Path 365 is.

Applying Insights to Our Lives

The Path 365 ultimately teaches you how to choose the path that supports your well-being and encourages self-love and personal awareness. Applying this concept, specifically choosing ‘paths’ that align with your goals and intentions, will ultimately lead you into decision-making with the mindset of self-love at the forefront. Stopping to consider Suzie’s message prior to the daily directions (in which she speaks to how the book and messages build upon each other), readers can apply this insight to everyday life. Each day, we have an opportunity to learn something, we can use what we learn towards new experiences. Similar to the directions in The Path 365, we can use our newly identified feelings and thoughts to form new boundaries, relationships, or goals. The possibilities truly are endless.

There are so many beautiful and honest insights in The Path 365. The beauty of this anthology is that we all will have different insights, thoughts, and takeaways from this book. What’s important is learning how to apply these to our present and future selves. Buy now on Amazon