How Managed Service Providers Can Save Your Company Money

Now that technology is an integral part of every company, managed service providers are in higher demand than ever. Why? Because managed services can save your business time and money over the long haul. If you’re considering hiring a managed service provider (MSP), here are five ways they can help save your business money:

1. Keep Systems Up to Date

Maintaining computers, servers, software licenses and other systems is not cheap or easy for many businesses to manage on their own. But MSPs have the training and expertise needed to consistently monitor these types of systems – including security software – so small businesses don’t have to worry about it. You’ll also get access to valuable new features that may come with, which means you’ll be getting the most out of your technology.

2. Provide Managed Backup Solutions

Even if you have a managed service provider update and maintain your systems, it’s essential that you have robust managed backup solutions in place. You can find MSPs who are knowledgeable about cloud-based managed services which can provide your business with other benefits as well. For instance, MSPs may know how to make other types of software work better together or use managed services to improve employee collaboration or other processes.

3. Manage Everything Related to IT Support

Managed service providers also help small businesses take care of all their IT support needs including hardware repair. That way, you’ll always have expert techs on hand when things go wrong with any devices or systems your managed service provider supports. Plus, MSPs are able to more quickly resolve information technology problems because they have more resources at their disposal than most small businesses can afford on their own.

4. Provide Managed Security Solutions

Doing it yourself when it comes to security software is a lot of work, but hiring managed service providers can help small businesses keep up with the latest patches and eliminate vulnerabilities that malware exploits. MSPs may offer additional services related to data management which can be essential for any business especially in today’s regulatory environment where there are many compliance requirements you need to address. Your MSPs should be continually assessing your needs and staying on top of new technologies that may help meet them while keeping you compliant with relevant regulations.

5. Improve Productivity With Managed Services

More and more managed service providers are offering managed print services, which can help small businesses save money and increase productivity at the same time. You’ll get a monthly fee for managed print support that typically includes things like supplies and toner as well as repairs and maintenance – plus you’ll spend less on wasted paper and toner that doesn’t make your printer work any faster or better.  

Overall, managed service providers can help your company save money by taking costly tasks off your plate. They’re equipped to handle all that needs to be done to keep your technology up and running, which means you have more time to focus on growing your business. Contact experts like those at IronEdge Group if you need assistance finding the MSP that’s right for you.