Some Tips from Relish for A Better Marriage

When the “honeymoon” stage is over, it becomes obvious for many couples that a happy life together requires a certain set of skills. Unfortunately, since many couples do not have them, they are not able to maintain and strengthen their emotional bonds. If you want to make your love last a lifetime, here is a relationship expert’s guide to a better marriage

Consider marriage as a friendship

Your marriage is not just a romantic relationship. If you want it to last forever, it is important to remain companions and friends. Being friends with your spouse means enjoying each other’s company, having fun together, and sharing common interests. 

Focus on the intimate part of your marriage

When it comes to intimacy in relationships, quality is more important than quantity. Frequent sex will not help or contribute to your relationship if it is not fulfilling and intimate for both of you. Therefore, the quality of sex is much more important.  In order to improve it and spice up your bedroom life, try something new. Do not afraid to be creative but make sure that your spouse is on the same page. 

Keep growing and changing together

Both people and relationships change – it is normal. All you need to do is accept these changes and find a way to change together with your partner, not apart. The most important thing to remember about changes is that it is not an excuse to grow apart – it is a perfect reason and motivation to get closer. 

Do not try to change each other 

One of the most common mistakes people do in relationships is trying to change aspects of their partners’ personality. Do not try to change your spouse as a person – it will not work. Instead, remember the person you fell in love with and focus on their positive personality traits you appreciate. 

Do not judge

Your partner is not a perfect person – he or she is just a human who is imperfect and can make mistakes. Therefore, do not judge and make your partner feel that he or she can always come to you for advice without being reproached or judged. 

Try Relish app

If you want to strengthen your marriage and relationships, there is an easy and effective method – the training app Relish. By using this app you receive unlimited access to a qualified relationship coach and a community of other users. It uses machine learning to improve relationships and bring happiness to couples. It is based on the dynamic improvement plan created by professionals that include various engaging activities and interactive lessons.