Skip the lame, go for the cool. 5 gifts that will wow and delight

Every now and then, we all get a little panicked when it comes to gift buying. It’s hard to know what to get everyone, and you don’t want to go for something generic because, sometimes, flowers and candles simply aren’t good enough.

I always find that I want to buy my friends and family awesome, personalized gifts that ideally won’t get shoved into the back of a closet. However, this can be time-consuming and we all know there are simply never enough hours in the day.

So I’ve had a little think and have come up with this handy little list of cool gift ideas that I will now be coming back to time and time again.

I thought I’d share because, well, sharing is caring. I hope you can find some inspiration from my list of 5 gifts that will wow and delight even the most difficult people!

Custom star map

I like to use this one when I’m buying for weddings, anniversaries and even birthdays. A Twinkle in Time custom star map is the ultimate gift- showing the receiver that you’ve put some real thought into a gift for them.

By simply choosing a location and date online, this company will create an awesome image of exactly how the stars were aligned at that moment in time.

You can then add your own personalized message for that extra touch.

Whether you choose this gift for your parents’ wedding anniversary or the birthday of your little one, you can show them exactly how the stars were shining down on that day.

This heartfelt, special gift can be cherished for a lifetime in its beautiful frame, and will always make for a wonderful conversation starter.


As a snowglobe collector, I understand just how lovely it is to receive one. I now enjoy getting them as a way to get my family and friends into starting their own collection, too!

Now please bear in mind that when I say snowglobes, I’m not talking about the cheap plastic ones similar to those you pick up at theme parks for $7.

I’m talking elegant, glass globes covered in tiny little details. You can even purchase some that play music, or light up.

If your family or friends have a favorite tourist spot or country, it’s easy to have a quick search on the web and find a globe that encases the location in gorgeous snow and glittering glass.

Alternatively, you could pick out a favorite photo you have of the person you’re buying for, and encase it.

These don’t have to be too expensive either, and the thoughtfulness of the picture will stop the gift from looking cheap. You can browse a range over on Etsy that will also support local sellers.

Retro games console

We all love to go back to our childhood every now and again. If you’re buying for a technology lover, a retro games console may just be the perfect gift. Not only will they love the thought, but it will also provide hours of entertainment.

I recently bought an old school Playstation 2 for my partner.

A lot of the time, gamers aren’t just looking for graphics quality – they’re looking for something that is different and will be a talking point between mates.

If the person you’re buying for loves to travel, consider a portable games console that will keep them entertained on long journeys.

You could even buy them a portable charger to show you’ve really gone the extra mile when coming up with the perfect gift.

Custom t-shirt

Although I hate to admit it, I do love a funky, personalized slogan tee. And if the person you’re buying for is a bit of a comic, chances are that they love one too. At Screen Print This, it’s nice and easy to buy a fun custom t-shirt for less than 20 bucks.

This affordable, funny gift is sure to put a smile on your friends’ face and they’ll be reminded of you every time they wear it.

Choose a quote from their favorite song or movie, a phrase they use regularly or even just a funny inside joke.

I love to print slogans that only me and the wearer understand, it’s a great way to keep an inside joke going and embarrass them in the most loving way possible.

They’ll love the thought that’s gone into the t-shirt – even if they do choose to only wear it inside!

Reusable water bottle

Whether you’re buying for someone who’s a fitness fanatic or an early morning coffee-hugger, this is the gift for them.

Kool8 stainless steel water bottles are sleek, modern, and make gift buying super easy.

These bottles have double-walled vacuum insulation that will keep your iced tea, water or soda cooler for longer and your tea and coffees hotter for hours on end.

I like this bottle so much that after purchasing one for a friend a while back, I decided to get myself one, too. They’re industrial strength and eco-friendly – I’ve completely stopped purchasing and using plastic bottles since mine arrived in the mail.

I love the tea infuser that comes with the bottle, which allows me to make the perfect cups of tea while on the go. Each Kool8 bottle keeps cold beverages cool for up to 24 hours, and warm drinks hot for 12 hours. I love the fact that I’m now saving money as I don’t have to head to the store or Starbucks so often.

No doubt the person receiving this gift will equally love it. Kool8 is so great that the bottles are even featured on Cool Things Chicago’s list of the ten best water bottles in 2019.

It’s simply the all round, perfect gift!