Self Storage Amenities to Consider

Extended Access Hours

SecurCare Self Storage customers have extended access hours so they can access their storage units whenever it suits them. Our office hours are usually from 9:30am-6pm. However, our gate hours or access hours are generally from 6am-10pm seven days a week. SecurCare Self Storage doesn’t charge extra for access to storage units during office hours.

24/7 Access

Some customers find that our regular storage gate hours (6am-10pm) are not convenient. Most SecurCare Self Storage offers an alternative solution for customers with special schedules. You can access your storage unit whenever you’re available with 24/7 gate access. Ask the manager if you can have 24/7 access.

Climate-controlled Storage

Storage units with climate control are typically maintained between 55 and 80 degrees to help protect temperature-sensitive items from extreme heat and cold. To provide extra protection against external conditions, some facilities might have heated or humidity-controlled storage.

Vehicle Storage

Colorado Springs SecurCare Self Storage offers secure vehicle storage for cars, motorbikes, trailers and campers as well as boats, RVs, boats and other vehicles. Although storage options can vary from one facility to the next, there are three types of vehicle storage: covered outdoor storage, indoor storage and covered outdoor storage.

Storage lockers

Storage lockers are the ideal solution for storage needs that are too small to fit in a 5×5 unit. Storage lockers come in sizes ranging from 2×2 to 4×5 and have lower ceilings. This option is convenient because you only pay for what you use.

Commercial Storage

We offer unique business storage options, such as workshop units, warehouse spaces, and office space for rent, to accommodate contractors and small businesses. Some storage units have additional features such as package delivery acceptance and office space.

Wine Storage

You need a secure place to store your wine collection. SecurCare Self Storage locations provide wine storage to preserve your valuable collections. SecurCare Self Storage may be the right place for you, whether you are moving and need a quick solution or you want something more permanent close to your home.

Self Storage Insurance

Your homeowners or renters insurance usually covers your storage unit, but SecurCare Self Storage insurance has unique benefits. It’s worth looking into storage unit insurance. You can get more coverage and avoid paying higher premiums.

Packaging & Storage Materials

Do you need a lock to protect your storage space? Additional packing supplies are available for your move. SecurCare Self Storage offers moving boxes, packing materials, locks and other supplies at all of its locations.