Keith Orie Reveals 6 Tips for Living a Life of Abundance

Living a life of abundance isn’t out of reach for most people. It’s just a matter of having the right mindset and attitude to appreciate the blessings in your life. Here, Keith Orie, a certified professional life coach from Temple, Texas,  offers six tips for living a life of abundance.

Philosophers speak of it, books are written about it, it is even mentioned in the Bible, but what does it mean to live an abundant life? A life of abundance is at once a perspective or lens through which you can learn to see your life circumstances and the resultant joy, strength, peace, and gratitude that you experience. 

For some, a helpful way to understand what it means to live life abundantly is to examine the opposite or lack of abundance. A life lived in scarcity is accompanied by persistent feelings of emptiness, dissatisfaction, and sorrow. These are the results of living opposite to an abundant life.

For many, the most appealing characteristic of pursuing an abundant life is that positive change can be immediate. Living a life of abundance is not about having more or doing more, or achieving some future goal. To be sure, living life abundantly will indeed cause you to have more, do more, and achieve more, but those will be byproducts of your new-found outlook.

Find joy in your present moments

A crucial component of learning to live an abundant life is to master the skill of continually finding joy in your present moments. It takes effort to look for the good in every situation and to avoid harmful and self-defeating thoughts.

Learn what makes you happy and look for it

Each of us is wired just a little differently. That diversity makes life interesting. Knowing what experiences, sights, sounds, and thoughts enable you to be happy is a learned skill. For some people, it is good music; others find happiness in nature or when engaged in thoughtful conversation. Many people are happiest when selflessly and even anonymously serving others like truck accident lawyers. Learn what makes you happy and pursue opportunities to have those experiences.

Expand your horizons

You may have not yet found many things that will bring you joy and happiness. By expanding your horizons, you will add to your repertoire of life experiences that you know will allow you to live an abundant life.

Take care of yourself

If you are tired or stressed, you are not living abundantly. It requires good habits that include healthy food and plenty of rest to maintain the mindset needed to focus on finding good in your present moments and learning what brings you joy.


Living an abundant life is not about having more stuff. In fact, many find that avoiding life’s materialistic trappings and simplifying their existence provides them the freedom to live an abundant life. Unencumbered by things and activities that add no value to that pursuit.

Avoid comparing

Comparing your situation to that of others is a sure-fire way to defeat your efforts to live an abundant life. Living in abundance is about recognizing the good things in your life. Comparing your relationships, experiences, or possessions against those of other people will only make you lose focus on your blessings.

About Keith Orie

Keith Orie is a certified professional life coach in Temple, Texas, and an owner of Advanced Medical Sales, LLC. He started the company late in college to help medical professionals effectively treat patients through non-invasive pain relief procedures. Mr. Orie understands the value of customer support and has built a team of resourceful professionals to make sure all client queries are responsibly and promptly addressed. The extensive range of medical equipment Mr. Orie distributes includes portable ultrasound machines, electrical stimulation devices, neck traction devices, and more.