IT Security Will Protect You From the Dark Web

The dark web, also known as the deep web or invisible web, is a section of the World Wide Web that cannot be accessed through traditional search engines. The term was coined by Mike Bergman in 2009.

In fact, when you try to access a website in the dark net – for example, using the Tor anonymous browser – you will see exactly the following message:

“Error – Page Not Found – The page you are looking for is not available.”

The Dark Web Is a Scary Place With a Very Unsettling History

Unfortunately, this invisibility often makes people think that anything goes on the dark web. In fact, that’s really no different from what happens every day on the normal web. Sure, some people use it for illegal activities – but your website is just as likely to get hacked if you don’t have adequate IT security.

You may be wondering why anyone would bother hacking into a company’s website when there are more obvious targets out there, like major banks and credit card companies. The answer is that criminals are actually using the dark web for something more sinister…

Criminals Are Using the Dark Web to Sell Stolen Personal Data on a Massive Scale

You see, hackers have been stealing large amounts of personal data from all sorts of companies over the past few years. Last year alone, identity theft cost the average person around $400 – but it cost companies much more than that.

Who Is Stealing All This Data? It’s Not Who You Think

As you probably know, many companies fall victim to hackers every day. But there is also an entire black market for stolen data so large it would shock you. For example, over 1 billion records were stolen last year alone! So who is behind all these hacks? Well, it’s not who you think…

You may think that the biggest threat to your company comes from outside hackers. But in fact, insiders are responsible for 80% of data breaches. This could be just about anyone – from a hacker trying to steal your data on the dark web, to office staff selling records for their next vacation.

In fact, this is not just a problem for big companies. It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is – if you have customers, you need IT security for them and yourself. That’s because the dark web is not just a place for terrorists, criminals and disgruntled employees.

It’s also the place where people go to buy anything they might want or need – including criminal services like hacking into your website. The problem with this type of new crime online is that it often doesn’t make the news – after all, who wants to admit his company was hacked?

Are You Ready to Be a Victim of Hacking?

If you want to protect your company from dark web hackers, it’s time to learn the truth about IT security. According to surveys, many companies still believe they can ignore cyber security and nothing will happen. And that means they are putting themselves at risk for a data breach.