How to Use Microsoft 365 & Teams to Full Potential

 Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more people now than ever are working from home. This had made software such as Microsoft Office 365 and Teams be utilized greatly for teams. Microsoft has always been an industry leader, the collaboration tool of the cloud and Teams have been a major game-changer. With any sort of program, you need to fully understand it in order to really gain the value that it has. Once you understand the ins and out of software it becomes much better for use.

By understanding, Office 365 and Teams, will be able to really get the most out of your experience and jump over the hurdle of limitations. Getting familiarized with the software is going to have a lot of amazing effects on boosting your productivity, continuing collaborations with your teammates, and maybe even get work to go a little easier for you.

1. Import data from websites

Spreadsheets can be so dreadful, but they’re an absolute necessity for staying organized. There’s always the off chance of having to update the spreadsheet and that can take a bit of time when you’re trying to make some alterations. Office 365 now allows the option for you to completely import data from the web. This means you no longer have to copy and paste and fix the spreadsheet.

2. Work with your team in real-time

One of the biggest benefits is the ease of collaboration for Microsoft 365 and teams. You and your coworkers will no longer need to constantly send emails or instant messages of what is needing to be changed in a document. Your team can now collaborate in real-time on a document. This collaboration tool makes it incredibly effective for teams and it also had the ability to save everyone on time as well.

3. Unsend emails

Accidents happen, sometimes an email was sent too early when more information was needed. The new version of Office 365 now allows you to unsend emails. One of the biggest worries people have is sending out unfinished emails to sending something to the wrong person. You will be able to write emails with ease as this powerful feature is going to massively help you prevent that.

4. Channels

Channels have been in far more demand with project management and team collaborative software. Microsoft Teams now has channels. These channels can be used for discussing certain niched topics within a project or event. These channels help separate this conversation from the rest of the topics that teams discuss. These channels can be broadcasted both public and private for the team.

5. Bots

Bots are a very unique feature that’s available for Teams. This can be used for channels or even in just conversations with a coworker. The built-in AI can assist with a lot of things. There is a special search function in case you’re needing to look for a particular file or conversation. The AI bot can also search for flight and hotel prices in case that would be needed for a conference.