How to Migrate from Onsite Servers to the Cloud

Whether you are moving to cloud hosting for the first time or looking to switch cloud providers, there are several different ways cloud servers can be used to replace onsite servers. This includes using cloud servers as part of a hybrid solution that keeps some installed software onsite while cloud-hosting other applications. The most popular ways how cloud servers can replace onsite servers are:

Hybrid IT Cloud

This method keeps some applications on site and hosts others in the cloud, allowing companies to maintain control of sensitive data while reaping many cloud benefits.

Replacing Installed Software with Web-Based Alternatives

Investing in infrastructure updates is expensive, but cloud hosting is often much cheaper, especially for small businesses.

Migrating to a Single Cloud Provider

The cloud hosting market may seem to be saturated with options, but cloud providers tend to offer the same services and prices can vary very little between cloud providers. If you find a cloud provider that meets your needs and has low migration costs, it could be worth switching from an existing cloud host or using multiple cloud providers instead of renewing your contract with your current onsite servers.

Cloud Hosting for All Applications

Some cloud hosting providers offer cloud-based alternatives to all of your onsite servers, so it may be possible to move everything to the cloud in one go.

Using Cloud Hosting for Backup and Disaster Recovery

Cloud servers are often faster than onsite servers, so cloud hosting can be used to store backup data. This allows companies to recover lost data or switch cloud providers quickly in the event of an outage.

Using Cloud Servers as a Scalable Solution for Rapid Growth

The cloud is often seen as future-proof technology because scaling cloud server capacity is much easier than increasing onsite servers. When using cloud hosting services, it may be possible to pay for cloud server capacity as you need it without having to upgrade existing cloud-hosted applications.

Replacing Onsite Servers with Cloud Hosting Providers that Allow Onsite Access

If there are cloud hosting providers that allow on site access, the cloud can act as a failover solution when onsite servers break down or need upgrading. This allows businesses to still run their applications if the cloud goes offline and sends all data to the cloud instead of hosted locally, resulting in greater security.

Replacing Onsite Servers with Cloud Hosting Providers that Offer Free Migration Tools

Many cloud hosting providers offer free migration tools to ease the transition process. It may be possible to use these cloud migration tools to transfer data from existing onsite servers. If cloud cost-savings outweigh any costs associated with migrating, it may be worth moving your onsite servers in order to cut costs and enjoy cloud benefits.

By following these methods in cloud migration, you can start using cloud servers for your onsite servers. If you need a cloud hosting provider, cloud service, cloud computing, cloud storage or cloud website hosting to help you on your cloud journey, Simple Systems can provide all of this. Visit them at to see how they can help you start your cloud migration today!