How Game Hosting Works and What You Should Look for Before Buying One

A good game hosting server is absolutely essential for a ton of reasons such as making the right impression on your customers, giving them an uninterrupted and smooth playing experience so they can truly enjoy every aspect of your game, for security against hackers and malicious code, and to enhance the popularity of your game or company. Since so much rests on your hosting server,  you must do some research to identify the right server that best meets your needs.

Before going into the criteria that you should consider while choosing your server. Let’s first understand the basic working of a game hosting service.

How does game hosting work?

A game server contains all the data and transmits it to the clients/players when requested. In other words, it is similar to how most servers work, except that they have a few more specific tasks such as providing a separate login for each player to track their status and more importantly, to ensure the right flow of data and at the right rate to avoid paradoxes.

What are paradoxes? Imagine you kill an enemy before throwing a bomb at him or if you two people jump into a single seat at the same time. These are paradoxes that a gaming server should avoid with a slight latency. At the same time, it should give a parallel view of the world and the other players, especially in multiplayer games. These are not easy to achieve and this is why you need a server that is built specifically for hosting games.

Many companies host these servers and offer them to you at a price. This means you pay for the service and in turn, you get access to their game servers.

Now that you have an idea of what game hosting servers are and how they work, let’s see a few aspects you should consider while choosing the right server.

Type of game

All game hosting servers are not built the same. Some of these servers come with features that are most ideal for hosting a specific genre such as adventure games while others are more suited for individual games. For example, you should choose a Minecraft server hosting service if you want to host Minecraft or anything similar to that. 

In other words, the game you want to host has a big bearing on the type of server you should choose.


A closely related aspect is the feature set. The server you choose should have the features that are suited for your game and business. This requires thorough research, so start with a list of features you need and find a service that offers them for you.


Cost is an integral aspect of every hosting service, so have a reasonable budget in mind and look for a service that fits this budget. 

Thus, these are some of the aspects you should keep in mind while choosing the right game hosting service for your next game.