How Furniture Providers Are Reopening After The Lockdown

The coronavirus continues to spread unabated, but hygiene practices and social distancing measures are allowing certain sectors of the economy to reopen. Showrooms and design centers across the nation are beginning to reopen, for instance, as guidelines have been provided to help professionals navigate the rocky public health landscape that previously forced them to temporarily close their doors. 

Furniture providers are once again feeling confident when it comes to providing ready-to-shop furniture pieces that remain in hot demand. Here’s a review of how those providers, showrooms, and design centers are beginning to reopen their doors.

New York is reopening

New York City, once the national hotspot for COVID-19 transmissions, is beginning to reopen its doors for business. This is great news for showrooms and design centers in the area, which have worked to comply with the state’s Phase-1 reopening guidelines to ensure that business can commence without worrying too much about the continued transmission of COVID-19. A report from the Wall Street Journal illustrates how the Big Apple is coming back to life, with major facilities like the Interior Arts Building reopening for the first time since March. 

Home furnishing experts like those at Wayfair are actually seeing their stocks skyrocket right now. Wayfair stock has climbed by an impressive 700 percent since March, as home-furnishings are in high demand right now. Those professionals who have been stranded at home all day feel the need to spruce up the place with some flashy furniture that was previously too infrequently used to invest in. Expect to see more recliners and other luxury furniture items flying off the shelves in the near-future thanks to marketing assistance from Yeah! Local.

Showrooms, too, are beginning to reopen now that things like face masks and other sanitary measures are being relied upon like never before. Architectural Digest has an excellent review of how showrooms are beginning to come straight to clients, as few people feel comfortable venturing out of their homes right now. The Dallas Market Center has reopened, and furniture experts like McKinnon and Harris are embracing digital commerce like never before. We’re not out of the COVID-19 storm yet, but calm is appearing on the horizon for a number of industries which are adapting much better to the digitization of their sectors than many critics anticipated. As more showrooms, furniture providers, and design centers reopen, expect a fashion and home-decor revolution to occur sooner rather than later.