How do Claims and Insurance Fit into Vehicle Collisions?

When you are in a collision, there are a lot of things going on. You have to deal with the physical and emotional aftermath, and then you have to figure out what to do about the car. If you’re not at fault, dealing with insurance can be relatively straightforward. But if you are at fault, claims and insurance can get complicated quickly. Here’s how they typically play out.

  1. The parties involved in the collision handle the situation between themselves and settle any damages privately. This is often the simplest solution, as it avoids any potential legal disputes or claims adjusters. However, it can also be the least effective, as damages may not be fully compensated and there is no official record of what happened.
  1. In many cases, claims and insurance will be handled by an adjuster who is brought in by the insurance company. This person is responsible for assessing the damage done to both vehicles involved in the collision, as well as any injuries that may have been sustained. They will then work with both parties to come to an agreement about how the damages will be paid for. This can involve the adjuster negotiating a settlement on behalf of one of the parties, or helping to arrange for the repair of both vehicles.
  1. In some instances, the parties involved in a collision will be unable to come to an agreement about the damages. In these cases, the claims adjuster may need to take legal action on behalf of one of the parties in order to seek financial compensation. This can be a lengthy process, and often results in both sides hiring attorneys to represent them in court.

One recent example of how claims and insurance can play out is the case of Nicor Gas v. Auto-Owners Insurance. In this case, Nicor Gas sued Auto-Owners Insurance after a collision involving one of the company’s vehicles. Nicor Gas argued that the insurance company should be responsible for damages to their property, while Auto-Owners Insurance argued that the driver of the other vehicle was at fault. The case went to trial, and the jury found in favor of Auto-Owners Insurance.

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