Houston Lawyer for Burns

 In 2013, there were 42,064 fire-related incidents reported by the Houston Fire Department in Texas. Many reports were minor incidents or even false alarms. However, some reports resulted in life-threatening injuries and even death. Some of these fires can result from the carelessness of others. Burns may be caused by fire, electrical burns, or chemical burns.  

When other people are careless and negligent, it opens a large window for people to be hurt and even killed. When getting a severe burn, victims are subject to long-term complications and costs. In many situations, the law will allow individuals to receive compensation when their burn has resulted from other people’s carelessness. To start the process of pursuing damages from a burn, you can contact a lawyer for directions on what to do next.

You can find many Houston lawyers for burns with a simple online search. When you find a list of lawyers to contact for a burn injury, check the reviews and ratings of each. It’s important to know that your lawyer will be successful, so you don’t waste your time and opportunity to sue.

Common Burn Injury Circumstances 

The most common cause of burns is fired. Non-compliance with fire codes, poor electrical wiring, and lack of smoke detectors are all examples of negligence. These negligent acts can increase the risk of death or injury in the event of a fire.

First degree burns only harm the first/outer layer of skin. First-degree burns would be like burns from the sun, hot objects, or hot water. First degree burns are accompanied by redness, swelling, pain, and peeling or dryness while healing.

Second-degree burns harm the outer and inner layers of skin. These are caused by extremely hot objects, chemicals, electricity, and open flames. Symptoms of a second-degree burn include blisters, an irregular burn pattern, intense sensitivity and/or pain, seeping wounds, and very deep red, white, or dark brown skin colors.

Third-degree burns penetrate all skin layers, muscle, and sometimes even bone. These burns come from scalding liquids or objects that stay in contact for some time. These can come from exposure directly related to open flames. Third-degree burns can show swelling, black/white/brown/yellow skin, lack of pain (due to the damage to nerve fibers), and dry/leathery skin.

Burns can not only lead to short-term costs and disabilities but long-term and even life-long consequences. From initial doctors visit and medications, to possible surgeries and rehabilitation, costs can add up quickly. If second or third-degree burns severely damage you, you may be able to sue for monetary compensation. If you can prove that the burns were caused (or made worse) by another’s actions, contact a Houston lawyer for burns to ask for the next steps in your burn lawsuit.