Dreams Do Come True, and Food Does Fall Out of the Sky

I never believed in dreams coming true. I always thought it was something people said to make themselves feel better about things they couldn’t control, like the weather or their height. Food falling out of the sky? Impossible.

But today I experienced a miracle: my restaurant’s online ordering app brought food to my door, and not only did I get food, but it was delicious.

I hooked up my restaurant online ordering app to my restaurant express account and set up the order for pick-up at the restaurant. I figured that since restaurants were always offering deals through restaurant online ordering apps, I’d try it out. $5 for a restaurant meal? Seemed reasonable.

The restaurant online ordering app said it would arrive in 15 minutes, so I sent the order through and sat back on my couch to watch some restaurant TV shows available on my restaurant TV channel subscription. After about 10 minutes, the restaurant food express restaurant online ordering app said the restaurant where I ordered my meal had closed! How could a restaurant close when food still needed to be delivered? It didn’t make any sense.

Just then, there was a knock at my front door. There was the restaurant delivery man with my restaurant meal. I couldn’t believe it! How did restaurant online ordering apps pull this off? My restaurant food express restaurant online ordering app showed the restaurant had closed 10 minutes ago! There is no way they could have been prepared to deliver my order, unless…

I opened up the restaurant food express restaurant online ordering app to see if I could find some restaurant coupons. There was a restaurant coupon for 15% off my meal, but that wasn’t all! Inside the restaurant food express restaurant online ordering app where links to lots of available restaurant online ordering apps, each offering restaurant discounts. I picked the restaurant online ordering app that promised restaurant pizza delivered to my door by restaurant express, and sure enough, 10 minutes later restaurant pizza was here!

Discount restaurants have changed my life forever. Now all of a sudden restaurant delivery is a possibility, restaurant food express restaurant online ordering app is a reality. When restaurants tell me dreams come true and food falls out of the sky, I now believe them.

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