Benefits of Ceramic Coating

The cost of professional paint correction for your car can easily run into thousands of dollars, but if the damage is done, how can we avoid paying it, right? Paint damage is utterly unsightly, and it massively affects the resale value of your car. But what can you do? One thing you can do as a Victorian is find applicators for ceramic coating in Melbourne because this is one of the best preventative steps you can take to protect your car’s paint and keep it looking its best.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a special polymer-based liquid that is carefully applied to the surface of your paint, bonding with the clear coat to create a smooth protective outer layer against the paint. The surface of your car becomes hydrophobic and thus much more able to keep away dirt, dust and other contaminants. Water that gathers on the surface is simply spirited away, often carrying any dry particulates that may have gathered there during the day, too.

In essence, therefore, it’s a kind of additional protective skin for your car’s paint that’s meant to offer a more robust method of paint preservation than regular car waxes.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

So, if we invest in this paint protection method, what’s the return for us as car owners?

1. Makes the Car Easier to Clean

Some people erroneously claim that ceramic coating makes it so that you never need to clean your car, and that all kinds of dirt will simply vanish off the car like magic. This isn’t true, but what is true is that ceramic coating makes the job of cleaning your car much easier. Because all dirt and contaminants are kept elevated on that flat, even protective surface. It typically takes a quick rinse or wipe to remove almost any kind of dirt that has managed to cling on long enough.

Normally, dirt sticks to your car because it gets embedded in the tiny cracks and gaps that exist naturally in your clear coat. You can’t see those with the naked eye, but the dirt gets in there and it becomes very hard to remove. Ceramic coating creates a seamless surface into which dirt can’t embed, and that’s the key to making cleaning much easier.

2. Scratch, Swirl-Mark and Water Spot Protection

For clarity’s sake, we are not saying that ceramic coating will make your car impervious to scratches, because it won’t. Determined vandals, or unexpected impacts against hard surfaces will continue to scratch and damage your car even with a ceramic coating. What we’re referring to here are more the micro-scratches, swirl marks and water spotting that can come about from regular washing of the car without ceramic coating.

From dirty sponges and drying rags to poor cleaning actions, these scratches mostly come about from our own lack of care rather than anything else. A ceramic coating is a good way to prevent that damage.

3. UV and Chemical Protection

Protection from both the sun’s harmful UV radiation and from the many chemical impacts thrown up by nature and man’s activities is another key benefit. UV rays can gradually discolour cars over time, but ceramic coating will provide a continuous safeguard against it. Equally, nature’s acid sources like acidic rain, bird droppings, tree sap and runoff, and other offerings present a big threat to your car’s overall paint health.

4. Lasting Effects

Finally, ceramic coating offers extraordinary protection over a very long period. Some people struggle to accept that such a thing could last from 2 to 7 years, but it can, depending on which specific kind of coating you use. The “harder” it is, the longer the protection lasts. Not only that, but it also offers lasting showroom-quality shine; the kind of shine that boosts resale value and turns heads. It will maximise colour and give a warm, inviting glow.