6 Tips for Choosing Choir Outfits for a Professional Group

The right choir outfits bring your group into perfect visual harmony for the audience. However, selecting a single look for a group is no easy task. These six tips for choosing choir outfits for a professional group will help you get started!

1. Get Feedback

The first step in choosing a professional choir outfit is getting a feel for what the group wants. Begin with a poll that asks choir members about their preferences when it comes to colors, cuts, and fabrics. You can even consider presenting photographs of a few different choices that choir members can vote on before moving forward with the selection.

During the early stage of selecting choir uniforms, it’s important to identify the goals that your group has in mind for a uniform. A choir uniform plays a big role in branding a group. Once you’ve identified the message the group wants to convey with its uniform, you can narrow your search down to classic, glittery, modern, elegant, or minimalist options.

2. Prioritize Versatility

Choosing professional choir outfits that are adaptable is a great way to get as many seasons out of a design as possible. For example, a uniform that has detachable sleeves is perfect for both wintertime concerts and outdoor events. In addition to ensuring that choir members are comfortable throughout the year, adaptable uniforms can also help choir members or the organization save money.

3. Utilize Uniform Companies That Offer Tailoring

When ordering a single look for an entire group, tailoring becomes essential for ensuring a picture-perfect fit for every single member. It’s not always easy to find local tailors who can get bulk orders done in time for a concert. That’s why finding a choir uniform company that handles tailoring is so important! In addition to enhancing the appearance of a choir uniform, tailoring also helps to prevent tripping or snagging caused by loose, oversized fabrics. Choir members will also feel confident wearing items that were customized for their measurements.

4. Accessorize

Accessories for choir uniforms allow group members to enjoy some extra flair! Some accessories to consider include pins, hairpieces, bows, and sashes. However, it’s important to establish some baseline rules for styling when introducing accessories to ensure that they don’t become overpowering.

5. Select the Right Length

Many choir groups actually choose two separate outfits that can be used for different venues and performance types. Generally, longer vestments are considered appropriate for formal venues. Shorter lengths are considered appropriate for more casual atmospheres. Shorter vestments are also considered appropriate for outdoor performances. Length should be one of the considerations the group discusses early on in the process when choosing designs and colors.

6. Don’t Forget Shoes

Leaving shoe selection up to each individual choir member can break the visual flow. That’s why it’s important to include footwear in a professional choir outfit. The easiest choice is to select unisex choir shoes that are designed to offer the comfort and support needed for long performances in a sleek, formal design.