5 Unique Ideas to Add a Focal Point to a Business Office

A focal point is an element of any size, shape, or material used in the design of an office to draw attention to it. Its purpose is to capture the eye and emphasize a specific section of an interior. Buildings that use these design techniques are architectural pieces of art.

You can introduce a focal point into your office space in many ways. You will spend most of your day in this place, so you want to make it as wonderful and calming as possible.

1. Accent Walls

An accent wall is designed to stand out from the rest of the walls in the room. The walls can be painted with whatever color you choose, but they can also involve other designs, such as wallpaper or murals. Choose a color or style that is attractive but not too distracting. It could be a wallpaper or tile design or a simple black-and-white design. You can also incorporate the accent wall with other pieces in the room. Mount framed pictures or other artwork on the wall to attract more attention.

2. Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to make your space look larger. They also have the power to reflect light and open up a room. This can be an effective trick for smaller spaces. You can hang mirrors on the walls or put them on the ceiling. Modern rectangular or cube-shaped mirrors can also be propped up against the wall or the edge of a desk. The different placement is where the art comes into play.

3. Candles

Candles provide a wonderful ambiance in any space and make it feel like home. They add a magical, cozy vibe to any room but are subtle enough not to overpower other pieces in the office. Get them in a variety of sizes and shapes. They can be placed on shelves or window ledges. Keep them away from a desk or other furniture because they can easily burn down the paper. You can also put them in a container and add flowers to make it feel more like a shrine.

4. A Water Feature

A fountain, stone urns, or small pond can add a tranquil, peaceful feel to the office. You can go with traditional or contemporary designs. A large fountain can make the space feel very open and is beautiful to look at. A stone urn or small pond can provide a more intimate atmosphere and add a feeling of history to the area. Place the water feature in the center of a room or a quiet spot and not directly in the way of people walking through the office. Add plants and flowers to the space to give it even more energy.

5. Gabions

Gabions are interlocking wire baskets filled with rocks, boulders, and other materials. They are typically placed along pathways or driveways to contain or restrain soil. This can bring a very nature-like feel to the space. Simple gabions stacked against the wall can enhance your office’s entryway. Gabions can also be placed around the office to conceal unused or unwanted items.

The purpose of having a focal point is to enhance your space. While these are just a few creative ideas, the possibilities are limitless. Use colors and other materials to make your office stand out from the other buildings. Be creative and try different ideas until you find something you like.