5 Tips for Decorating Your Utah Home

You may have already figured out the decor style you want to go for, or perhaps you simply know that you need a change. Either way, decorating can be a much bigger task than it needs to be if you don’t plan properly. For that reason, we’re looking at some tips to help decorate your Utah property and turn it into the home that you want it to be.

Gather Plenty of Inspiration

Want to figure out the specifics of your home decorating style? Taking the time to browse the web can help, but you can be more specific in how you collect and gather your inspirations. Using Pinterest, you can easily pin photos from all across the web, putting them into a vision board that you can then review, finding the trends of what you like. You can use this board as inspiration when you’re looking through local collections, finding those that are similar enough to spark the same joy.

Focus on Creating Space

No matter what kind of home you’re trying to create, a feeling of spaciousness is always welcome. To that end, look at decluttering spaces that can use it. You can also make good use of mirrors on the wall and use lighter treatments for windows, like swapping out curtains for blinds, to help rooms get a little more room to breathe. If you have quite a large room, don’t push the furniture to the wall in an effort to make look bigger. Let the furniture “float” away from the walls so that there’s space around the central area.

Move your Furniture Out for Big Changes

If you’re repainting, changing the wallpaper, adding cladding, or changing the flooring, then you are going to want to move furniture out of the room. However, rather than moving it to a different room, you could look to using a Park City storage facility to store the items that you don’t need right now. That way, you can conveniently get them out of the way until you’re done.

Don’t be Afraid to Get some Free Design Advice

If you’re planning to buy new furniture and decor items, then be sure to see which local stores also offer free design services to their customers. Even if you don’t end up buying what they recommend, they can give you a better idea of what to do with a given space based on your needs and wants.

Work Layer by Layer

If you’re looking to totally restyle a home, don’t aim to do it all at once. Have an idea of the room that you want to build your way up bit by bit. This might mean changing the walls or floor first. Before you buy new furniture, you can try accenting existing furniture with soft furnishings that match colors. Then you can change the furniture. Then bring in new accents and lighting. Then new wall art. You don’t have to do it all at once.

With the tips above, not only can you improve the style of your home, but you can make the decorating process a little easier, as well.