3 Gadgets NBA Players Use To Avoid Injury

NBA players must always take steps of precaution to avoid injuries. There are so many types of injuries that basketball players have to watch out for. One bad injury or one incorrect treatment could end a basketball player’s life.

We are always worried about the consequences of an injury when trying to make a career out of basketball. The NBA has gone and taken all the necessary steps to try and keep their basketball players safe from harm.

Wear the Right Shoes

Ankle, strains, and other injuries are common in basketball. Choosing the right shoes may be the only thing keeping you from having these injuries. NBA basketball shoes should be a close fit with excellent ankle support.

Remember that non-skid treads are encouraged to prevent any injuries. The most common injury is Achilles tendonitis. In order to both treat and prevent Achilles tendonitis, it is crucial that you wear the right shoes for you.

There is not just one pair of shoes that will help with this condition. The best shoes for achilles tendonitis come from a wide range of NBA approved shoes. Sometimes wearing the right shoes can make all the difference in the game.

Non-Gravity Treadmill

Yes, this does sound like it might not be real, but we assure you it is. Even though this is a new, high-tech piece of technology, it is receiving a lot of attention. A non-gravity treadmill, unlike a normal one, was made for preventing injuries.

A non-gravity treadmill greatly reduces the risks of leg or ankle injuries. NBA players want to use this for training off the basketball court. Without the risk of hurting yourself while training, you can better yourself for the game.

Unfortunately, a piece of machinery like this is going to be expensive. This machine takes most, but not all, of the weight off the athlete. By reducing the pressure, you successfully minimize the risk to the legs and ankles.

The non-gravity treadmill can also be used as rehab for an NBA injury. The high-tech machine makes recovering a lot faster.

Cold Laser Machines

A portable cold laser machine can tip the scales in your favor. Laser therapy can prevent an area of pain from turning into a career stopping injury. This device is said to work like acupuncture, and it targets pressure points.

These gadgets have been placed in almost all the NBA training rooms. Cold laser or light therapy is easy to use anywhere at any time. Technology has made preventing injuries simpler and easier.

To Sum It All Up

As an NBA player, it is understandable that you would be concerned about injuries. Sometimes you do not even need a high-tech gadget that can monitor your heart rate or sweat. Sometimes all you need is to do a few simple warm-up exercises to prevent injuries.

Sometimes to avoid injury, all you have to do is drink some water. However, if you are injured, it may be best for you to know how to treat injuries properly. This could make all the difference.