4 Questions to Ask Potential IT Providers

Choosing the right company to provide your managed IT services in Indianapolis is not as challenging as it seems provided you know what to look for. There are so many different options out there, and it can be hard to know which one will best suit your needs. Before you even look for potential IT Providers, understand:

  • Your needs
  • The kind of IT provider you would want to work with
  • Your budget
  • Any special services your company requires

Here are four questions to ask IT providers in Indianapolis. 

How Do You Manage Your Data?

IT is a constantly evolving world. The landscape changes so quickly that keeping up with the latest trends and developments can be challenging. One of the best ways for IT service providers to stay on top of the competition is by updating their know-how.

They require an in-depth understanding of data storage and management. Understand how they process and protect their data and the measures they’ll have in place to protect your information.

Do You Provide 24/7 Services?

Service providers who work with businesses need to offer round-the-clock support for their clients to enjoy consistent service delivery. They have to be available during those late-night emergencies when things go wrong.

Also, ask whether the provider offers backup services. You wouldn’t want to lose your data which makes backup services vital. Also, ask whether you will have a dedicated team to work with or a referral person you can always contact.

What is Your SLA?

Every IT service provider should offer a solid, easy-to-understand Service Level Agreement to document the level of service and support they provide to their clients. The agreements are critical when resolving client/provider disputes. 

As a client, you always have an agreement that guides your expectations and supports your actions when you need to hold the provider accountable. 

The agreement should detail what happens, for instance, if you’re experiencing an outage that lasts for hours and the vendor has promised up to one hour of downtime per month. 

Do You Offer Disaster Recovery Services?

Disaster Recovery Services, also known as DR Services, are essential to many companies, big and small.  Understand the type of disaster recovery services the provider offers and the cost. 

Does the DR service cost cover full or partial data loss? DR Services’ cost varies depending on what type of business you have or how much coverage you need.

For example, some providers offer a “deposit” option where they’ll charge an upfront fee that’s refundable if there are no significant losses to your company during the year. Others will only charge per incident – meaning every time something goes wrong. In this case, the price depends on the magnitude of data loss. 

In conclusion, the provider’s experience level can be one of the most critical factors in selecting an IT service provider. Make sure that your potential partner has been around for more than just a year or two. 

They need to have experience with information technology systems used in your industry and know what to expect from start-ups that require unique skill sets.