10 Surefire Ways To Destroy a Small Business

1. Employ friends and family

Not only are they underqualified, but the entire relationship is doomed to failure from the start.

As a result, you won’t be able to hold them accountable, and the rest of the company will believe they lack competence and enjoy preferential treatment.

2. Avoid maintaining any kind of prospect or client database

Why would you need a list of clients or potential clients? Every time you want to promote an event or the debut of a new product or service, it is far simpler to just start over from scratch.

3. Work for low pay and discounts to secure additional business

When your prices are modest, getting work is significantly simpler. Nothing convinces a client who is on the fence to buy something like a discount! Reduce your rates and pricing as a result, and watch the sales come in. Never mind that these clients are nothing more than obnoxious, frugal micromanagers. It’s work time! Ignore the chance for small business grants.

4. Don’t stand your ground on any type of scope and let clients boss you about

Even though you know better, sometimes their suggestions are stupid, and you’re losing your shirt, it’s best to merely comply with their requests if you want to keep your clientele pleased.

But satisfied customers do come back, right?

5. Strive desperately to find any type of work that you can do

Create a mobile app? Even though you’ve never done anything before, since someone is ready to pay you to do it, you must be able to figure it out. 

6. Constantly remain in your office

And let it turn into a stress sauna. Your team is unwilling to communicate with you. It’s not like you have any expertise or experience that would be helpful to them. The best course of action is to sit in your office, finish your own job, and observe them as they struggle. 

7. Regularly examine your finances by checking the balance in your checking account

Due to the tiny size of your company, you essentially know how much money is coming in and leaving out. Which is that? Next week is payroll, right? 

8. When you are crossing the L tracks on foot, delegate tasks in as few words as you can, ideally on your cell phone

To sit and go over every detail with your team members is incredibly inefficient.

They are intelligent, so they will understand.

9. Break down in tears when others fail to completely execute the assignment and read your mind

Once more, they’ve done it incorrectly. How many times do you really have to yell at them before they understand?

10. Launch a new company once every 18 months

You decide to start something far better—or at the very least, newer—again since you are growing impatient with your company’s expansion

There you have it.

It’s not difficult to destroy your company.

I bet you can turn around your business in a few months if it’s strong and robust.

If your company is already struggling, following this advice will put you out of business in a matter of weeks!