Watch Out For This New Hacking Attempt

Businesses in this day and age are constantly under siege from hackers and organized crime groups that specialize in cyberattacks. 

The latest issues are regarding unpatched Microsoft Exchange servers and a ransomware attack called DearCry. Many businesses have been targeted via this new hacking attempt in the last year—which is why it’s so important to prioritize cybersecurity for your software.  

Firstly, What Is Ransomware?

Ransomware is the illegal practice of infiltrating a company’s digital systems and stealing their important data/information. The culprit(s) will then demand a financial (usually in cryptocurrency) or something of equal value in ransom. 

Once the threat actors have been paid, they’ll give instructions on how to restore their computer and take back the data. But paying the ransom doesn’t always guarantee you’ll get your data back—or that it hasn’t already been leaked on the Dark Web. These are, after all, criminals. 

How Has the DearCry Ransomware Caused Concern?

Recently, Microsoft issued an alert that hackers were using a kind of ransomware known as DearCry. 

It is being used to target unpatched Microsoft Exchange servers. Customers of Exchange have been urged to install patches as quickly as they can so that they are able to deal with the critical flaws present. 

Many accounts claim that the attacks were being carried out by a hacking group named Hafnium. This has not been confirmed or verified, however. Many are also claiming that the attacks are the responsibility of around ten state-backed hacking groups.

These cybercriminals and other similar criminals are now looking to feed off the bugs that Microsoft Exchange is struggling to deal with. They’re looking to install the malware after compromising the Exchange servers, so say Microsoft. 

They also added that customers using Microsoft Defender do not need to take additional action after patching the Exchange server. 

How Can You Protect Your Business from These Attacks?

Fortunately, one of the best ways any business can avoid getting infected by the DearCry ransomware is through security-focused managed IT services. IT professionals can gauge your risk factor and help you implement solutions to mitigate that risk.

They can also perform Dark Web scans to see if your or your customers’ information has been leaked, as well as implement regular data backups.

Even though the DearCry ransomware attack is threatening, with the right help, you can protect your business from a breach.