Tips To Make Your Car Theft Resistant

While it might be nice to live in a world where we never fell ill, had to call our personal injury attorneys in Redondo Beach, or didn’t have to worry about car theft, the reality is that threats to our well being and property are waiting to strike when we least expect it, so we have to stay prepared.

While those first two points are difficult to guard against, there’s plenty you can do to mitigate your chances of falling victim to auto theft. Here are a few practical strategies you can employ to make your car theft resistant.

Get The Right Gear

The first half of protecting yourself against car theft is outfitting yourself and your vehicle with the right preventative gear. At minimum, there are five pieces of gear you’ll want to include in your anti-theft arsenal:

  • A Vehicle Alarm — Audible car alarms can call attention to your vehicle if someone is trying to break in, and might be enough to deter would-be thieves on their own if you advertise the fact that you have one installed.
  • A Kill Switch — Install a hidden kill switch on your vehicle, and you’ll be able to cut the flow of electricity to the battery, shut down the ignition switch, or even cut off the fuel pump to the vehicle so it can’t run.
  • Steering Wheel Lock — I simple steering wheel bar lock might not prevent every theft attempt, but it will certainly slow down the majority of would-be thieves and deter many others from even trying.
  • Brake Lock — Like a wheel lock, you can attach a lock to your vehicle’s brake pedal so that it becomes inoperable. It’s difficult to cut off, so it keeps many thieves from attempting to steal your ride.
  • A GPS Car Tracker — In the even someone does take your car, a GPS tracker will allow you to pinpoint where it is so that the authorities can track it down and retrieve it quickly.

Additional anti-theft measures you might want to investigate include tilt and glass break sensors, remote locks, and maybe even a smart key system that makes your vehicle more difficult to enter.

Take The Right Actions

In addition to having the right gear for your car, you should also be sure to take actions that will reduce your chances of being targeted for a theft. 

By and large, this includes common sense measures like keeping your car locked, not leaving your keys in the car, and never leaving your car running if it’s unattended. You can find more tips on this comprehensive safety list. Be sure to take them to heart and keep yourself (and your property) protected.