Orange Cookies Strain

Various strains of cannabis have been developed in recent years, for various different reasons. Those involved in growing and developing these new strains of cannabis will blend new hybrid forms of cannabis to get the desired plant, with the desired effect. Some users prefer cannabis that makes them giggle, others prefer cannabis to make them sleep. While others may be looking for cannabis with the most intense euphoric effects possible. Cannabis users, like every other range of consumer products, have their favorites when selecting what’s right for them personally. And so, more and more hybrid strains of cannabis are constantly being developed and becoming available on the market for users to enjoy and explore. 

The orange cookies strain is just one of many recently developed strains of cannabis. The Orange cookies strain can be found in a range of flavors and fragrances to suit the user’s preference. The flavoring and name for this strain are said to have originally been inspired by orange juice and girl scout cookies. The effects of consuming this strain include feelings of relaxation, uplifted mood, happiness, creativity, and a euphoric high. The THC content is said to be around 12-18% making it a fair concentrate. It is the THC in cannabis plants that causes the high when consumed. The CBD concentration in the Orange cookies strain is 0%. The fragrances available include citrus, fruity, earthy, spicy, and sweet. Flavors include tropical, fruity, sweet, tangy, orange, citrus, and lemon. The negative effects of Orange cookies strain may include feelings of paranoia, as well as dizziness and dry eyes. The most common adverse effect is a dry mouth which is to be expected from most strains of cannabis. Overall, this is a very good quality strain of cannabis. 

As well as recreational uses, like many other strains of cannabis, Orange cookies strain has medicinal uses too. Nowadays, cannabis is commonly used as a remedy to cure and prevent mental health disorders such as stress, anxiety, and depression. The mood-enhancing, and relaxing qualities of most cannabis strains, results in relief of common stress and anxiety. For the same reasons, it is highly effective at combating depression as the user instantly feels uplifted. Most users of medicinal marijuana and cannabis claim its effectiveness to be greater than most prescription medicines available today. 
Growing Orange cookies strain can be quite a challenge. As it is a newly developed hybrid strain, it can not be found in seed form. This means that to begin growing this unique strain, you would have to find a fully developed mature plant and use clippings to begin the growing process. For those who have managed to grow it successfully, they recommend that it is done so indoors in a controlled environment. Growing this plant indoors is said to take around 7-9 weeks before it is ready to be harvested. You can find out more about flowering time and grow info on the ‘I love growing marijuana’ web page, where you can also find out more about other strains and how they are also grown and developed.