Fake Pee: What Options are Available?

The world of weed is more laid back then it has been in the past, but there are still times when the use of marijuana is frowned upon. There can be many different reasons as to why someone needs to take a drug test, which can be why there are reports of increased demand for fake pee around the world. 

However, not everyone will have the time or facilities to detox their body of cannabis in time, which can mean that a urine test becomes a worrying prospect.

In the past, fake urine would have been used, but it is fair to say that the results were sporadic at best, especially as drug tests advanced. Fortunately, the balance has been restored in the world of fake pee, and those concerned about an upcoming test have a series of options to choose from.

Premixed Urine

As the name suggests, this type of product offers a pre-made solution that looks to emulate real urine. There are different variants available, but those looking for a reliable fake pee should ensure that the premixed urine contains uric acid and urea, as these are properties that emulate real urine.

You should also search for products that do not contain biocide, as this is a preservative that is now highlighted on many drug tests and could explain the use of fake urine.

Heating premixed urine can depend on the product used. For example, some may use heat pads, whereas others may use a specialised powder.   

Powdered Urine

Much like premixed urine, powered urine speaks for itself, in that it is a kit that offers everything needed for synthetic pee, you just need to add water. Powdered urine will provide the same characteristics of other fake pee, such as chloride and sodium.

The urine is made by adding distilled water and is heated using air-activated components. It should be noted that powdered urine can only be heated one, so although a simple process, it is one that those looking for a pass on their pee test need to perfect.

Delivery System

Fake pee is ideal when taking a test in private, but what about when you are placed in front of someone waiting for the sample? For several years, this could mean an instant fail on a urine test, but the use of a delivery system helps counteract this.

What could be deemed comedic on first sight serves a purpose. A delivery system is more an accompaniment to fake pee, and essentially offers a prosthetic penis that helps give the illusion of fresh urine delivery.

Given the nature of a urine delivery system, it is something that must be practised before being trialled in the real world.

Which Fake Urine Best Suited to Me

Different people will need to undertake tests at other times, so what works for one person does not necessarily work for another. In effect, all products offer the same result, but those looking to keep fake urine in stock may consider a dried option. In contrast, those looking for an effortless solution will often consider a pre-made solution.

When searching for fake pee used for drug tests, it is advisable to read some reviews as well as comments from other users. Although it may be tempting to choose the cheapest fake pee, many find that budget products do not offer the outcome they are looking for.

This does not mean that you should be spending hundreds of pounds on fake pee, but finding the perfect balance ensures you’re getting cost-effective fake urine that can be relied on.