Does Your Business Need Dark Web Scanning?

Most people have heard of the “dark web.” This refers to a web of websites accessible only through a certain browser different from your common browser. You cannot find these websites with a simple Google search, nor can you access them without the appropriate tools. While it is used for anonymity, it is most often used for criminal activity.

There are people on the dark web who sell databases of credit card information, and social security information. The dark web activity can affect your business directly if customer or employee information is stolen. Valuable information like that is often marketed through the dark web.

How to Remain Protected

If you want your business to remain protected, you need to invest in the right IT service provider who will offer professional dark web scanning. This service enables you to scout out any information that may have been stolen and used elsewhere.

What Does Dark Web Scanning Involve?

An IT managed service provider can perform penetration testing and vulnerability scanning to find any weaknesses hackers could use to exploit your business. If any are found, your MSP will be able to patch those weaknesses and add protection where necessary. They will ensure that you have the needed security updates, and that it is properly installed on all devices so your systems are protected.

The right IT professional can scan the web for any detection of your business information so you can act quickly. Information often circulated includes social security numbers, banking information, credit card details, and more. They will scan lists of passwords and personal info that has been leaked and found on the dark web, and they will then inform you of what’s out there.

Benefits of Dark Web Scanning

  • Information Is Key

You won’t know the reason for the unauthorized transactions without looking at all possibilities. To mitigate your chances of encountering identity theft, and stolen data, have your MSP proactively seek any weak points in your security measures. The more information you have, the more you can better prepare and fortify your security.

  • Upgraded Passwords

Your IT managed service provider will be able to change your passwords and update your security as necessary, and recommend when to do this. Password strength is an often overlooked feature to better security.

  • Staying Ahead

By proactively using the dark web scanning service, you will avoid the mishaps of waiting until disaster strikes. You can only wait for so long, but actively staying on top of your security will keep you ahead of risks.

Gain the Upper Hand

You want to maintain your professionalism as a business, but you can only do this if you are informed and aware. The dark web is always going to be a threat to businesses, but by investing in the right IT, you can receive a dark web scanning today.