An Alternative to GCC High for CMMC Compliance

GCC High for CMMC Compliance & Other Alternatives

GCC, or Government Community Cloud, is a Microsoft platform commonly known for the security services it offers various government agencies. GCC High, more specifically, is an advanced security version of the company’s Azure product, designed to meet the needs of DoD contractors. The system aims to meet the security compliance standards set out by the US government. 

There are also alternatives to GCC High for DoD contractors that many contractors may not be aware of. Getting to know your options for compliance software can ensure you find the best solution for your unique organization.

GCC High 

GCC High is well-designed to help contractors meet compliance and security standards. It includes many features for maintaining file security and for meeting the controls within NIST 800-53 and other regulations. However, there may be challenges with implementing GCC High in some organizations. 

One potential challenge is that GCC High alone, though feature rich, is usually not enough for organizations to become 100% compliant. The installation and setup can also be complicated and time-consuming, which may present issues for organizations looking to implement a solution quickly. 

Additionally, up-front costs and hosting fees for GCC High can be high. This can be an obstacle for organizations who need more affordable solutions. GCC High also requires company-wide implementation, which may cause business disruptions or be unnecessary.

GCC High is a valuable tool for many DoD contractors and suppliers. But it may be helpful to explore alternatives to GCC High that can provide more cost-effective and easy-to-implement solutions to help contractors get compliant.

PreVeil: An Alternative to GCC High

PreVeil is an alternative tool to GCC High called that can help companies in the defense industry comply with cybersecurity requirements. 

This tool can make compliance simpler and more cost-effective for contracted organizations. Not all organizations can afford GCC High, but they do need the same advanced cybersecurity features to protect their data and help them get compliant. PreVeil is one alternative to GCC High that has proven to do just that.

The technology behind PreVeil originated from the research of MIT computer scientists on applied cryptography and cybersecurity. It is widely regarded as the gold standard in end-to-end encryption. Some of the main benefits of PreVeil are as follows:

  • CUI Protection: PreVeil is purpose-built to protect against the latest threats. PreVeil’s unprecedented end-to-end encryption for emails and files also helps you better protect CUI.
  • Implementation: PreVeil only needs to be deployed to users handling CUI rather than the entire company, avoiding having to make major changes to your IT infrastructure. 
  • Cost: PreVeil comes with an all-inclusive user license fee at $30 per month, per user, making it a much more affordable solution for many organizations.
  • Compliance: PreVeil enables DFARS 7012, NIST 800-171, and ITAR compliance out of the box to help achieve 100% compliance within your organization.

Some specific features of PreVeil that are advantageous for DoD contractors include the following:

Cloud-Based Encryption

One of the main features of PreVeil is that it offers a cloud-based service with end-to-end encryption. It allows DoD contractors to take their IT off-site while maintaining excellent security, giving them the best of secure in-house servers without the limitations of having to be onsite to access data.

Compatibility with Existing Apps

PreVeil allows firms to send and encrypt emails using existing email accounts, negating the need for migration per user. Currently, the technology is compatible with Gmail, Apple Mail, and Outlook. The system works by storing email data on its servers, bypassing any on-prem risks. It then doles out data to trusted users via secure links.

Enhanced Cloud Storage Security

PreVeil also facilitates file sharing at DoD companies. Users can access and share documents, images, and media using PreVeil drive, their cloud storage service. The service’s security features go beyond those of their competitors (like Google Drive and DropBox), by allowing you to set controls for which users can decrypt files.

Advanced Protection Beyond Passwords

Perhaps the most exciting feature of PreVeil uses a secure alternative to password protections. Instead, the system uses a set of cryptographic keys automatically stored on users’ devices. Users simply log into authorized terminals and start working within the more secure digital environment, eliminating phishing risks or the threat of password guessing attacks. 

Why Opt for PreVeil

When you need cost-effective CMMC compliance services and solutions, PreVeil is one of the best options out there. 

It gives DoD suppliers and contractors a viable alternative to GCC High that can help them overcome unique compliance challenges. Not only does it seamlessly integrate into their existing software stack, but combined with compliance services for NIST 800-171/DFARS, FISMA, and GDPR, it offers comprehensive data security. 

For businesses to remain compliant with CMMC and DFARS regulations without the high costs, PreVeil is an excellent solution. All in all, PreVeil’s cloud and email encryption features are unprecedented and provide the necessary CMMC- and DFARS-compliant encryption requirements for DoD contractors.