7 Fun Pre-Wedding Activities For Your Destination Wedding That Guests Will Love

Planning a destination wedding is an exciting event, and with it comes the opportunity to create some truly special memories for you and your guests. Before the big day arrives, there are plenty of pre-wedding activities that you can plan to make sure everyone has a great time.

From sightseeing tours to beach bonfires and everything in between, here are seven fun ideas for pre-wedding activities at your destination wedding that your guests will love!  Planning ahead of time will ensure that the events run smoothly so be sure to give yourself enough lead time when deciding what activities to include. With these unique experiences, your destination wedding is guaranteed to be one for all ages!

1. Beach Bonfire:

Gather your nearest and dearest around a beach bonfire for an unforgettable night! Guests can share stories, enjoy s’mores and cocktails, and dance under the stars.

2. Sightseeing Tour:

Take your guests on a guided tour of the city or region that you’re in for some local exploration and culture. You can also plan to stop at historical landmarks or unique attractions for photo ops along the way!

3. Relaxing Spa Day:

Unwind with a day of pampering at the spa! Whether it’s a relaxing massage or mani-pedi, there’s something for everyone on this luxurious day.

4. Cooking Class:

Learning to prepare local cuisine is always a fun activity! You can have an interactive cooking class and end with a delicious meal shared among friends and family.

5. Outdoor Adventure:

For thrill-seekers, plan a day of adventures like zip-lining or kayaking. Everyone will be able to experience the beauty of nature while getting their adrenaline rush!

6. Movie Night:

Make some popcorn and cozy up under the stars for an outdoor movie night. You can choose a classic romantic film to watch with your guests as a way to commemorate the occasion.

7. Wine Tasting:

Take a trip to local vineyards for some wine tasting and food pairings! Your guests will love the chance to explore regional wines and learn more about the craft from knowledgeable tour guides.

A lot of your wedding planning comes down to knowing your guests and your own personal interests. These seven pre-wedding activities are sure to make your destination wedding a memorable occasion. With enough lead time, you can plan the perfect activities that will bond everyone together and create lasting memories. 

Don’t forget to give yourself plenty of time to coordinate with vendors, book flights and hotel rooms for guests, as well as any other necessary arrangements. Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun!

Your destination wedding is an opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime, so make sure you enjoy these special pre-wedding activities with your loved ones. They’ll be sure to thank you later!