5 Tips for Storage Unit Security

Many people think that because they do not have any valuable items to store, they do not need to take security measures for their storage units. This is a common misconception. Anyone can be the victim of theft, no matter what they are storing. Here are five tips for ensuring the security of your storage unit.

1. Invest in a quality lock:

A quality, oversized, padlock is essential for securing your unit against theft. Choose one that resists cutting and bolt-cutting tools, and make sure it fits tightly around the hasp of the door so there’s no wiggle room.

Another option for securing your storage unit is to invest in a fingerprint or face ID lock. This type of lock is more secure than a traditional padlock and is virtually impossible to pick. While it might cost a little bit more, protecting your prized belongings is an important task.

You can also make sure that there are security measures taken by the storage unit you choose. Ask about what cameras they have and how they plan to protect your belongings. Making sure you choose a secure storage unit is more than half the battle.

2. Don’t store items of high value:

Your storage unit should be used primarily to store items that are not valuable or hard to replace if they were to get stolen. It’s not advisable to keep expensive electronics, jewelry, antiques or art in your unit as these are likely targets for thieves.

If you do store more expensive items, consider storing them inside a lockbox in your storage unit. Just as a gun is often stored in a protective lockbox, so can you store your other important and valuable items.

3. Don’t advertise that you have a storage unit:

Don’t post about your storage unit on social media or tell strangers where it is. If possible, try to keep the location of your unit a secret.

While it’s important to keep the location of your storage unit a secret from strangers, it’s also important to keep it a secret from close relatives. According to a study by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, about 33 percent of thefts from self-storage facilities are committed by friends or family members of the tenant.

Keeping your storage unit safe is not just about using a quality lock and keeping your belongings hidden – it’s also about being aware of who you tell about your storage unit.

4. Keep your unit clean and organized:

A cluttered unit is an easy target for thieves. Not only does it make it difficult to see what you are storing, but it also provides hiding places for stolen items. Keep your unit clean and organized to deter thieves.

More than anything else, if it is clean, it will be easy for you to see what went missing and when. You will be able to track that information a lot better if your storage unit is well taken care of.

5. Keep a record of inventory:

Before you store items in your unit, it’s a good idea to take photos or keep a written record of what you have in your unit so if anything is stolen you can identify what was taken quickly.

This can also come in handy when filing an insurance claim for any stolen possessions.

By following these tips, you can help ensure the safety and security of your storage unit. Make sure to choose a reputable facility with adequate security measures in place, and take proper precautions to secure your items so they are safe from theft.