5 Benefits of a Dining Mobile App for Your Restaurant

By the end of 2019, 56% of diners said that they were more likely to use a restaurant if they could order through an app. As restaurants start to return to normal post-lockdown, 30% fewer people are placing orders with a restaurant employee. With customers feeling more comfortable ordering online, dining mobile apps for restaurants are increasingly on the rise. Here’s why a dining mobile app can benefit you and your business post-pandemic.

Eliminate Your Wait Times

Who wants to wait an hour in a drive-through to place an order? Ordering via a dining mobile app will eliminate your drive-through lines as customers can place orders well in advance and choose what time they want to collect it. 

Dining mobile apps slash wait times for customers ordering from the table too. They won’t have to wait in line or for a server to place their order. They’ll be happier and more likely to order with you again.

Integrate Loyalty Programs With The App

When polled, 45% of consumers said they would be more likely to use online ordering if the restaurant offered an in-app loyalty program. There are many different variations of loyalty programs, including points, discounts on large orders, and discounts for repeat customers.

Using a mobile app for this kind of program gives you great flexibility, as you can provide rewards for customers in many different ways, from ordering to delivery or pickup. If you tailor the program to your customers, and you’re bound to increase their loyalty confirmed

Customers Can Order Anywhere, Anytime

Taking your restaurant digital with a dining mobile app allows consumers to place orders from wherever they are, whenever they want. Maybe a mom wants dinner to be ready and waiting for when she gets home from work. She could order it on her lunch break and not have to worry about wait times.

With a dining mobile app, consumers can order outside of your regular operating hours and select when they would like their meal to be ready for pickup the next day. Selecting what they want from a screen is quick, convenient, and saves your customer time, which increases their satisfaction with your service.

As a business owner, you’ll also be more likely to benefit from impulse purchases with a mobile app. In 2018, 80% of young people made an impulse buy while shopping online. A sudden craving? They don’t have to visit your restaurant to commit to the decision. It’s as simple as a few taps on a phone, and the food arrives at their doorstep.

Flexible Payment Options

A dining mobile app gives your business increased flexibility when processing payments. On an app, consumers can pay for their order via Apple Pay or PayPal, among other options. This saves time for both the customer and restaurant.

More and more, people prefer digital payment methods. 3 in 10 US adults make zero cash purchases in a week, while 10% of millennials use their digital wallet for every purchase. Being flexible with your app payment options opens up your restaurant to a broader range of customers who are far more comfortable paying online. 

Automated Ordering Saves Time

Online ordering saves time, and the quicker the service, the more customers you can serve in a day. It increases order accuracy, boosts customer satisfaction, and frees up time for employees to focus on customer service.

As a business owner adjusting to the new social-distancing regulations, a dining mobile app can minimize a lot of your stress. Your customers will be happier with shorter wait times, quicker service, and flexible payment options.

Save time for everyone with a dining mobile app, so you, your customers, and your employees can all spend time doing more important things.