4 Ways To Help Your Company’s Team Succeed

Employers have a responsibility to empower their teams. It’s not enough to just sit back and expect results, you’ve got to give your staff everything they need to succeed. Productivity relies on many different factors, from employee wellness to training and goal setting. To support your team, consider these four key areas.

1 . Celebrate Achievements

According to ProofHub 68% of US employees were reported either not engaged or actively disengaged.’ The same survey asked staff how to boost engagement, and

“58% pointed to ‘employee recognition.”

To focus on recognition businesses can use employee recognition software. These software solutions provide a range of features, to support and celebrate your staff. Ensure that you celebrate employee achievements outside of work, as well in the workplace. You can write employee success stories in your newsletter, or even on social media. Companies can also celebrate achievements by arranging a social occasion or offering a gift.

2 . Financial Wellness Program

According to one financial wellness study, “53 percent of workers report being stressed about their finances.” A financial wellness program is one of the best ways to support your team. These programs can help employees to ease financial stress and enhance workplace wellness. A financial wellness scheme focuses on areas such as reducing debt, building credit, and budgeting. Ongoing financial stress negatively impacts employee well-being, resulting in reduced productivity. With the right wellness platform, you’ll have happier, healthier, and more productive staff.

3. Set Goals Together

To support your team to succeed, it’s helpful to set goals together. Collaborative goals ensure that everyone is on the same page, working toward common objectives. When you set goals, you should think about your company values, audience, and your key performance indicators. Remember to use a SMART framework to create your company goals. The SMART framework stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based. 

Goal setting can increase ROI as well and support staff productivity. Research from IntelliHr reported that “companies that set performance goals quarterly can generate 31% more returns than those reassessing annually.”

4. Regular 1:1 Meetings

To support your employees as individuals you should set up regular one-to-one meetings. You can use these meetings to gather feedback and ask your staff what kind of support they need. Employers might be able to fund training courses, or help staff to create career roadmaps. Regular meetings are a great way to improve your company culture. When employees feel valued and listened to, they are more engaged and creative. According to Business 2 Community, “An employee who feels engaged and inspired is 125 percent more productive than the satisfied staffer.”

When your team feels supported, they are far more likely to produce high-quality projects. Throughout 2021 many businesses will continue to work remotely. To help remote teams to succeed, it’s important to focus on excellent communication. Review your communication plans every so often, to make improvements. With the help of the four areas above, you’ll empower your staff to achieve more.