10 Things That you Can Do Online

Many of us take technology for granted, as we are surrounded by digital devices and are online 24/7, and we are living in a digital world, as we enter 2021. The World Wide Web offers us many things, here are a few examples of what can be done via the Internet.

Transfer Money

There are several ways that you can transfer money; either from your web-banking account, or via an app such as PayPal. Bitcoin is said to be the future of banking and if you haven’t invested yet, now would be a good time to buy Bitcoin.

Buy and Sell Stocks

Buying and Selling stocks has never been easier with the rise of investing apps like Robin Hood. You can follow finance sites like Stock Tavern to check their stock of the day picks.

Take Out Vehicle Insurance

You can find cheap insurance from Rabbit Finance online and after taking some details and a secure online payment, you have instant cover. You can insure your home, your pet and even your life via an online broker, which is more than a little convenient.


Many people are now working from home, due to the pandemic and if you are one of those, you already know about the many benefits. No travelling or dressing up for work, and as long as your assignments are completed on time, you are pretty much your own boss.


The many online casinos that offer a chance to become an instant millionaire and many players like to spend a couple of hours playing their favourite game, although not everyone comes away a winner. It is important to have a secure connection when financial transactions are taking place, as this blog outlines.


Thousands of people use distance learning and regardless of the subject or course, there will be universities offering online courses. Language students worldwide learn with teachers using Zoom or Skype and, in some countries, the schools teach the students online due to the Covid crisis.

Practice Yoga

The arrival of Covid-19 saw the emergence of online yoga and fitness classes and if you search with Google, you will find many yoga studios, fitness centres and gyms that offer virtual classes.

See your Local GP

Telehealth is all about virtual healthcare services, whereby the medical professional and the patient interact via a video call. In most cases, a video call is enough for the doctor to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the correct medication.

Apply for a Passport

Whether a new issue or a renewal, you can apply for your passport online, providing, of course, you have the required documents. This saves you and the department staff a lot of inconvenience and the passports are sent by special courier to the applicant’s home address.

Do the Weekly Grocery Shopping

If you are one of those people that loathe going to the supermarket, most offer a virtual store, where you click on selected items and they are dropped into your basket, and heading for the online checkout doesn’t mean a long queue. Once you have made a secure online payment, your groceries will be picked, packed and delivered to your door within a couple of hours.

Game with Online Players

The gaming world is amazing, with so many challenging games and you can select to play another user, who is logged in and also looking for a game.

We truly are living in a digital age and when the Internet of Things is launched, we can expect to see new and innovative technology emerging.