Selection Criteria

We aim to support in-depth photojournalism in a radical new way. In order to ensure the feasibility and quality of the projects presented on, each project submitted to will be evaluated by our review committee. 

We believe in an open, transparent selection process. We are not just inviting the usual suspects, but we want to make the pitching process accessible to any professional visual journalist with a compelling project anywhere in the world.

Each project that is submitted to will go through the same screening process before it is put online. A team of three reviewers from a board of reviewers that consists of 40+ experts from the photo- and journalism world will be allocated to each project pitch entered. 

When evaluating proposals, the review committee will consider the following set of criteria:


  • Are the photographs well executed and compelling?
  • Does the applicant have a coherent body of work?
  • Does the applicant show the ability to tell a story visually?


  • Is the issue addressed in the proposal of sufficient global, national, or local significance?
  • Does the photographic approach fit the proposed subject matter?
  • Is the proposed project feasible in terms of access?


  • Is the budget reasonable?
  • Is the timeline to execute the project realistic?


  • Does the applicant demonstrate the photographic skills and experience needed to realize his/her project?
  • Does the applicant have a commitment to and understanding of the issues he or she proposes to address?
  • Has the applicant demonstrated a willingness to build a crowd around his proposal using all available social media tools?
  • Has the applicant demonstrated a willingness/ability to enter into dialogue with his or her backers?
  • Has the applicant provided adequate and fair rewards to his or her backers?

 A project will be accepted or refused on the basis of the set criteria. Unlike Grants and Contests, our selection process will be transparent as the results are made available to the photographer, so that he or she can improve their proposals in the future.