Importance Of The NCERT Solutions For Class 10 English

For a CBSE Class 10 student, Board Examinations determine the career of the student as it enables students to choose a subject in further classes. To prepare for the CBSE Board Examinations Class 10, a student is advised to prepare it from the NCERT Solutions. These solutions are based on the Class 10 syllabus. The NCERT book also contains unsolved problems so that students can practice them to clarify the topics. 

The NCERT book contains all types of questions like multiple choice questions, long and short questions, self-study-based questions, etc. These solutions are designed in such a way that they clear all the concepts of the students. The topic-wise and chapter-wise questions are also present in NCERT books of Class 10.

English is one of the most important subjects for a student of Class 10. It develops the language skill of a student. The English Board Examination is one of the toughest examinations for a Class 10 student. They are always anxious about how to prepare for this exam. So they are advised to study from the NCERT Solutions of English book.

CBSE has stipulated 2 books of English for Class 10. These are:

  • First Flight
  • Footprints Without Feet

Students have to prepare from these two books for the English exams. NCERT Solutions of these two books are accessible to the students. To score well and for the preparation of exams, NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet PDF Download option is available to students. By using this option, students can even study offline.

NCERT Solutions of Class 10 English are of great significance in a student’s life. So students must know their importance if they want to get a good result in their English exam.

Following are the benefits of NCERT Solutions of Class 10 English that a student must know about:

  • Helps In Boosting Your Concepts.

Experienced teachers or professionals design NCERT solutions in such a way that it covers all the basics of the chapters. These solutions are well researched and are written in the very reasonable language. Simple language helps students to comprehend the topics better.

  • Substantial Information.

After researching each topic, subject matter experts create the NCERT Solutions of English for Class 10. They get published after getting rechecked by professionals. So they are the most reliable resources for the preparation of the Class 10 English Board Examination.

  • Empowers Extensive Learning.

The NCERT Solutions are based on a student’s capability of understanding. Every single detail about a particular topic is explained through the solutions. Therefore, it clarifies student’s doubts.

  • Strictly Obeys The CBSE Modules.

The NCERT Solutions strictly adhere to the CBSE guidelines. Students will find that these solutions are based according to the exam pattern. So these solutions are enough for the preparation for the exams.

  • Repetition Of The NCERT Questions.

While preparing for the English Board exam, students often solve previous years’ question papers. In these papers, they will discover that most of the questions get repeated. So it is important to focus on the NCERT Solutions if they want a good result.

  • Main Examination Question Paper Contains The NCERT Questions.

Try to solve each question of the English chapter. As the question paper and exam pattern is based on the CBSE curriculum, it is more likely that the question paper contains questions from the NCERT textbook. So thoroughly learn all the NCERT Solutions.

  • Online Availability Of The NCERT Solutions.

Students don’t have to waste money on buying reference books for the NCERT solutions. They can easily download from the internet for this purpose. Because of the advancements in technology, NCERT Solutions are available everywhere on the internet. But if you want the best study materials, download the NCERT Solutions from the official website of Vedantu. Students can study online now and can access these resources from anywhere at any time. This is very student-friendly.

  • Availability Of The PDF Files.

The NCERT Solutions of all the chapters are available in PDF format. If students are not interested in studying online, then they can download these PDF files and can study offline.

After knowing the importance of NCERT Solutions of Class 10 English, it is clear that these solutions are of great significance and can help students to achieve good marks in English Examination. But knowing the importance of these solutions is not sufficient. Students should follow some tips or make some strategies to overcome the fear of examinations.

Following are some points given that should be kept in mind while preparing for the Class 10 English Board Examination:

  • Read every chapter thoroughly.
  • For better understanding, make notes.
  • Solve every NCERT question so that you can understand the theme of the chapter easily.
  • Set a timetable so that you can focus on each chapter.
  • Know the marking scheme and prepare according to that. The marking scheme is as follows:
  1. Section A (Reading Section) –20 marks
  2. Section B (Grammar and Writing Section) – 30 marks
  3. Section C (Literature Section) – 30 marks
  • Try to learn the answers by writing them. This will help you to write the answers in the proper format and will improve your writing speed.
  • As the writing section needs more practice, try to write essays, notices, articles, etc so that chances of grammatical errors get reduced.
  • Solve previous years’ question papers as this will assist you to know about the question pattern and will help in your preparation.
  • Don’t try to learn new topics a few months before your exam. Dedicate this time for revision.
  • Try to remember the key points while writing the solutions in the answer sheet.
  • Do not elaborate the answer too much. Write them in the given word limit.
  • After studying from the NCERT books, you can use other reference books for a better understanding of the concepts.


These above-mentioned tips can help you score well in your Class 10 English Board Examination. From this article, you have now understood that NCERT Solutions of Class 10 plays a crucial role during exam preparation time. A student must go through these solutions as they will help them in preparing for the board exams. These solutions are created by professionals in extremely simple language. So try to focus on these solutions and learn them so that you can easily solve your examination paper.